Factors Affecting Mezzanine Usage

Understanding mezzanine floor standards is important. But understanding the usability is good. It has been specified in the steel structure design standards by the multiplier method. resistance and load of the Engineering Institute of Thailand 

Note : Mezzanine Floor is a shelf. suitable for storing materials parts of the product which can create additional space on the high side of the building worthwhile by making a mezzanine floor It is a large structural system that is strong and durable. can bear a maximum weight of 1,000 kg / square meter, please contact rnbproduct

(Worthor. 1020) that “is the condition that the building’s use, appearance, maintenance ability, durability and user convenience It is maintained so that we can use the car as usual.” matter of design considerations for a comfortable feeling Feel safe with building users which is beyond The scope specified in the Building Control Act and related ministerial regulations. Specified limits on strength, but the design engineer should consider the ability to work well. for performance of good buildings Building occupants have a sense of security and a sense of comfort.

Consideration of the limitation of the structure or elements that are part of that structure. It depends on the evaluation and decision of the structural designer. In the case of strength limits The assessment is about behavioral theories and provisions in the Building Control Law, as well as design requirements or standards. In the case of good workability limitations, in general, the evaluation is not based on theoretical principles. Because good usability is about perception. of building users as well as demand performance of the building structure Normally, the limit workability will not be specified as a fixed term but will vary according to usage Most of these good workability limits are specified in the construction contract specifications. provided by the project owner, therefore, for practicality expected usability Well, it should be stated in the contractual agreement to make it clear.

Every dimension in the design, whether it is a dimension of strength or a dimension of good usability, will have criteria for consideration that take into account risks or opportunities that will occur. In practice, there is very little risk of The building will have a response from the force acting on the building beyond that limit value. which produces a response beyond the limit conditions of good workability will not cause serious consequences for life and property of building users, for example, resulting in damage to the building Or set the disaster down, etc., but may affect the feeling of being used and uncomfortable. The building trembled until it was felt. or deformation until entrapment or The reflux of rainwater splashing back into the building Therefore, designing the building structure to approach or exceed Usability limits are a little too good. is acceptable in practice This does not mean that Considering good usability is not important. But in reality, competence standards apply. There aren’t many good works that are scientifically referenced. And is not related to the safety factor, allowing the designer to discuss with the building owner in detail from the design stage and consulting the building owner in order to determine the appropriate requirements. and sufficient for further use

For issues related to good usability Designers should consider various factors that

It affects the usability well. Which consists of 7 topics as follows

  1. Get Old Wine (Garnet)
  2. Deflection
  3. Lateral movement (drift)
  4. Vibration
  5. Wind induced motion 6. Expansion and contraction
  6. Change of joints (connection stip)

Old back arch (camber) and lateral movement (drift).

Although deflection of bending members is something that engineers must consider, in many cases, designers often prepare measures to support such deflection by cutting them to allow bending members, such as binding. (rafter), purlin (purlin) or roof structure “Curved (carber)” since before installation. The roof is quite high above the ground. It is difficult for building users to notice the deflection of the roof structure. Moreover, such bending members have a fixed weight (dest load) that is not much, resulting in preparation for bending. Cambered to the strong-bearing building since before the installation was not as popular as it should be. For reasons that cannot be added The ability to use it can be very good. Designers should pay more attention to the deformation of the overall building structure and lateral drift rather than individual building elements.

Expansion and contraction

In general, the designer should consider the effect on the expansion and contraction of the building structure on the separation or cracking of the decorative materials used. compatible with the building structure However, for industrial buildings and warehouses which are tall and have Relatively limited size Retention and recoil are also factors that have a small impact on usability beneath. of the building as a whole


In general Vibration will be a major problem in steel structure buildings with mezzanine floors or multi-storey buildings. The designers can refer to the association’s design guideline manual. Residue of Construction of the United States Volume 11 Vibration story human activity (design guide 11: floor vibrations for human activity) to be able to mitigate vibrations from Efficient use of food

Connection slip

Even as a result of the sliding of the joint (connection, good workability will not be This is clearly mentioned in this design guidebook. However, there is a limit of movement. Lateral deflections and various types of deflection are also considered. Displacements due to sliding of the joints are taken into account. To avoid joints, which may be due to deformation from the cutting of the cutting member. or may result from Axial deformation of tension members or compression members Will cause more structural deformation than the designer has estimated. Designers may therefore consider invoking slip critical joints as specified in sectional steel building design standards by means of resistance factor and payload of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, Chapter 10.3 H High-strength bolts in critically sliding joints, however, joints using snug tightened bolts or screws that require special tightening pre-fieraioned bott in standard holes This does not affect the operability of the building elements independent of the lateral support or frame. Buildings that are not very tall

Movement due to wind force (wind-induced motion)

Steel structure buildings are generally considered to be used in the construction of factory buildings and Low height warehouses. As a result, the movement of the structure due to the effects of wind tends to be effective. not much followed by However, the movement of the building due to wind load must be considered when The structure has a mezzanine floor or has more than one floor, which can affect the usability and comfort of the building occupants.


Corrosion (corrosion if left for a long time may result in the ability to receive The weight of the structure can be reduced. However, corrosion is an integral part of its workability. It is often associated with non-structural components such as architectural coverings, which are susceptible to rust and should therefore be treated. Solved with good assembly details and proper maintenance including preventing the formation of rust Especially the inside of the parts that are brought. put together can reach, act on the roots, and may result in expansion of the rusted part



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