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44 Feather Logo Concepts You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to designing logos, inspirations could be drawn from any object. Feather is one such object which has been used over and over again. We have seen lots of feather logos featuring different variations of bird feathers. And still, there are lots of undiscovered ways to use this object for designing a new logo.

According to general belief, feather has several meanings including lightness, wisdom, nature etc. Therefore, you can easily use the feather to design logos for any creative agency, cleaning product, environment related product, services or campaigns and obviously, anything related to birds. If you are looking for inspirations or references for your next feather logo design, then this is the post for you. In today’s post, we have collected 30+ feather logo concepts that you shouldn’t miss at all. Go through the ideas and get some fresh inspirations.

1.Native Grounds Coffee

Native Grounds Coffee

2.Criadouro Bitencourt

Criadouro Bitencourt

3.Birds Choice

birds choice

4.Steel Feather

steel feather

5.The Writer’s Vantage

The Writer's Vantage

6.Feather Power 


7.Feathers & Fur




9.Feather Set

Feather Set. Live.



11. Cynthia Stewart Author

Cynthia Stewart Author

This logo looks both as a feather and a bird. By combining multiple elements, the designer tried to show his passion for nature and birds.

12. Phoenix Feather

Phoenix Feather

Featuring the outline of a feather, this logo also has a paper-like background. With a great font and color, this logo could be easily used in any creative designing.

13. Stella Gabbiano

Stella Gabbiano

This gorgeous looking logo was designed for an interior designing company. The use of old-style font is definitely a nice touch.

14. Down & Feather

Down & Feather

Here’s another of those colorful feather logos. This one was designed for a pillow company. While the color is great, I think the typography section could be improved.

15. Feather Pen

Feather Pen

Featuring a feather and a pen, this logo will be an excellent choice for writers, advertising agencies or any other creative business.

16. Featherfly


At first glance, I thought this is a humming bird! Other than this striking similarity, this colorful logo looks very interesting.

17. Foto Skrydis

Foto Skrydis

In this logo, the designer wanted to show that the feather is flying. By using multiple attractive colors, he has successfully made it a special one.

18. ThemeFloc


The name clearly indicates that this is a logo for a theme-based website. The slogan of the brand goes very well with the overall concept.

19. Wise Owl Club

Wise Owl Club

This feather logo conveys a lot of messages. The diverse nature of the logo has made it a perfect choice for using in any creative project.

20. Feather


If you are looking for an elegant logo for your chain boutique shop or an elite boutique business, this could be an excellent choice for you.

21. Feather Logo

Feather Logo

This logo could be easily used in cleaning agencies or any other relevant products or services along with mattress and pillow manufacturers.

22. Parrotheart


In this logo, the designer has created a heart shaped object by using parrot feathers. The colorful logo looks very warm and attractive.

23. Record Label Logo

Record Label Logo

As you can guess, this logo was designed for a record label company. The geometric shape of the feather has increased the overall appeal of the logo.

24. Kontekst


The striped feather of this logo demands close attention from the viewers. The logo was designed for a copyright agency.

25. Gilly Grey

Gilly Grey

Featuring a rather abstract feather, this regular feather logo was designed for a village rental furniture company.

26. Xanthic


In this logo, the feather is used to form the letter X. Therefore, it could be easily used for any brand name which starts with that letter.

27. Leisureno


Leisureno has come from the word leisurely. The logo was designed to be used in businesses related to nature, ecology, cleaning services etc.

28. Santopalato Restaurant

Santopalato Restaurant

Unlike other logos of this post, this logo was designed for a restaurant. The great font selection has increased the overall appeal of the logo.

29. Flame letter

Flame letter

The feather in this logo is designed in such a way that it looks as if is on fire. This passionate design is accompanied by a matching font too.

30. Parengo Publishing

Parengo Publishing

Originally designed for an online publishing house, this logo features a feather after the brand name. I have to say, the designer has cleverly used the feather here.

31. Eco feather

Eco feather

Emphasizing on the green color, this eco-friendly logo could be used in any nature, environment, ecology, bio-diversity related products and services.

32. Writers Crowd

Writers Crowd

It seems feather is a popular ingredient for designing writing logos. Here’s another one of them. Besides writers, this one could also be used for bookstores, libraries etc.

33. Feather Hills

Feather Hills

While this logo looks like a colorful feather at the first glance, it actually conveys a deeper meaning. If you look closely, you will find sunshine, hills and lots of greenery in this design.

34. P-Cock


This creatively named logo was designed for an art company. The colorful logo looks great in the light blue background.

35. P.J GIGI


This very colorful logo was actually designed for a mobile beauty supply product company. Including eight feathers in total, the logo looks amazing.

36. Harutiunian & Partners

Harutiunian & Partners

Designed for a law firm, this logo contains the first letter of the company. And the feather is inside the letter. The total package looks very promising.

37. Feather Logo Concept

Feather Logo Concept

This is a cleverly designed logo. However, you may have missed the bottom part of the feather at the first glance. In that case, look again!

38. Steel feather

Steel feather

The logo conveys a friendly appearance, which is definitely a nice touch. Combining feather and steel, this logo is perfect for using in any handcraft, manufacturing industry etc.

39. A Russian Logo

A Russian Logo

Originally designed for an air supply system manufacturer, this logo combines a feather and a love sign. The use of color is very special in this logo.

40. A freelance writer’s guide

A freelance writer's guide

As the name suggests, this logo was designed for a writer’s guide. The use of multiple feathers in different colors has provided a nice variation in the logo.

41. Plume


Designed for a fashion store, this magical feather logo looks very attractive. The accompanying font has added extra attraction for the logo.

42. eQuill


Featuring a writer’s quill as the letter ‘e’, this logo is perfect for using in the ink, publishing or writing industry along with individual writers.

43. Poème


With the pink background and the matching font, this feather logo provides a nice visual contrast. This could be easily used in any feminine product or service.

44. The Writer’s Vantage

The Writer's Vantage

Besides the feather, this logo also includes an inkbox and a clock. All of these represent the company for which the logo was originally designed, The Writer’s Vantage.

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