FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals: Netherlands Vs. Argentina Preview

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 enters the quarterfinals, the Netherlands takes on Argentina. Here are the key players every football fan should look out for in the match.

Argentina and the Netherlands are getting ready to fight it out at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The match, set to take place at the Lusail Stadium, will certainly be the toughest for both teams.

The teams share a history dating back to 1978 when Argentina defeated the Netherlands to win their first World Cup. The team repeated the performance in 2014 after beating the Netherlands to reach the semi-finals.

Thus, the Louis Van Gaal-led Netherlands must be ready to execute their revenge. Under the most extreme circumstances, here are the top battles every fan must look out for: textboard.biz.

Virgil Van vs. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi vs. Virgil Van Dijk is a battle no football enthusiast can resist. While Messi, in his current state, cannot make immense runs around the flanks or dribble through defenders, the player is still one of the best forwards in the game. The player showcased class during the game against Mexico to help Argentina score a win.

Even then, the Netherlands’ defence packs a serious punch, which will pose a significant threat to the Argentinian team. With Virgil Van Dijk in the box, Messi will have a hard time moving freely.

Cristian Romero vs. Cody Gapko

Similarly, the Romero vs. Gapko matchup is one worth looking out for. As the future of the Argentinian defence, Romero is a force to be reckoned with. However, the player is still recovering from an injury that showed during the match against Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, Cody Gapko has been the talk of the Netherlands line-up. The player has secured six goal attempts with an impressive 83% success rate. Since Romero has made 10 recoveries during the World Cup, the battle will be eventful. However, most of the prediction reports believe that Argentina will win this match.

Frenkie de Jong vs. Rodrigo De Paul

With Rodrigo and Frenkie on the field, the match will resemble a miniature La Liga. Both midfielders are among the finest on their teams. Nonetheless, De Paul possesses extensive area coverage with a particular emphasis on the backline.

Conversely, De Jong does not act as a standard defensive midfielder. The player is quite versatile and has excellent ball control. De Jong’s vision and passes are something Rodrigo must compete against to give the team an edge mymomblog.net.




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