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samples of fractals and rainbow colors

20 Stunning Examples of Fractals and Rainbows

Photography is a vast field and consists of different methods and techniques that can be used to develop special photos. It is actually all about noticing the real atmosphere and environment and possessing the right tools and skills. All of these measures will help you in developing interesting photographs. Most of the photographers are stuck in the process of developing high quality images. They don’t explore different dimensions and features of photography. Fractals and rainbows are very interesting, when captured in the right manner. You will see amazing patterns. Most of the fabric and textile manufacturers ask professional photographers to come up with interesting fractal and rainbow designs for their products.

It requires a lot of experience, knowledge of different tools and the right gear to come up with the right results. You will need to observe different photos around you that are of the similar nature. In this article, we are going to discuss about the fractals and rainbows. Just see the pattern of different photos and examine the quality of pictures. All of the cameras are of high quality and best DSLR lens have been used to develop the artistic effect.

1. Interesting ice pattern

All you need is a high quality DSLR camera and a special lens to get this sort of result. Just notice the pattern of ice and the rainbow light effect, which has been interpreted in the best possible manner. You will need to make use of different directions. It is a beautiful photograph and kudos to the photographer.

Interesting ice pattern

2. Spiral rainbow pattern

Here, we can see an amazing spiral pattern that has been made with the help of rainbow colors. It’s a prime example of fractals and rainbows.

Spiral rainbow pattern

3. We are the “cells”

Here we can see a circle of rainbow, which has been captured by a professional photographer. You can also see the details of the green plant. It’s a reflection effect created with the help of sun rays.

We are the "cells"

4. A crazy fractal

Though it seems overwhelming but a skilled photographer can deliver this effect only. The color combination is good and we can say that there is a rainbow effect too. The spiral carries wide-ranging details for which, you need a keen eye.

A crazy fractal

5. Rainbow balls fractal

In this picture, you can see several balls bearing different dimensions. The overall picture has a creative pattern and yes the rainbow colors look interesting too. You can start learning this technique also.

Rainbow balls fractal

6. Incense smoke art

Rainbow smoke depicted in this picture is an abstract piece. You can observe this picture through different perspectives and it will seem appealing. It is basically a long exposure shot.

Incense smoke art

7. Glass fractal

Grass fractals are also very interesting to note. You can see different colors and the glass effect in this picture. It is a creative piece of fractal photography. You will need to make use of the right photography techniques and development tools to come up with a picture of this sort.

Glass fractal

8. Incense smoke art

You can call this a spiky or a smoky picture. But it is equally beautiful. Such type of pictures can be used a frame or an autistic picture. They look good on huge walls.

Incense smoke art

9. Smoke art

If you love the colors of a rainbow, you will love this picture too. It is an important piece of photography and most of the photographers call it the art of photography, due to its artistic touch and finish.

Smoke art

10. Smoky again

Smoky pictures are great. You can see the effect created by the photographer in this picture. It will take some time for the beginners to reach this stage of perfection.

Smoky again

11. Wild rainbow pattern

Though, you see more of the blue and red in this picture but there are other rainbow colors in it too.

Wild rainbow pattern

12. In the Hall of the mountain king

It is an extremely beautiful hexagon structure, captured with the help of creative photography technique. You need to look closely at the center of the structure and see the rainbow effect. It is a up-close and interesting photograph.

In the Hall of the mountain king

13. Abstract art hippie pattern

When you get bored, you need to try these interesting photos for your photography career or interest. It is one of the best examples of fractals and rainbows photography. Just see the interesting shapes created with the help of rainbow colored balls, arranged in a creative and technical manner.

Abstract art hippie pattern

14. Retro hippie rainbow design

Want to see an interesting pattern, here it is below. You can see a symmetrical fractal rainbow pattern. Different shapes and figures have been arranged in an interesting manner.

Retro hippie rainbow design

15. We go round, round, round

Rainbows an interesting pattern for photographers. Just see how small and big lines have been combined together to develop an interesting floral shape. It might take some time to come up with such pleasing results. You will see such type of patterns in spas, swimming pools and elegant hotels and houses.

We go round, round, round

16. Again Smoke Art

Smoke art is very interesting, as we have discussed above. It is one of the best smoke art photos that have a creative finish and indulging colors.

Again smoke art

17. Incense yet symmetrical smoke art

You will see a few pictures around, of this stature. It is a carefully and intensely developed picture. Colors have been mixed in a specific pattern that results in creative example. Different pictures have been combined to develop the rainbow effect. Such type of patterns is used in different types of eastern dresses and some Persian carpet designs too.

Incense yet symmetrical smoke art

18. Smoke art

Smoke art is interesting when, you are able to see different colors at the same time. Though it is not a typical rainbow effect, but this picture carries a few interesting patterns to note.

Smoke art

19. Like a nice pendant

It Looks like a beautiful butterfly that has multicolored wings. With the help of a special shutter speed, you can get this amazing picture.

Like a nice pendant

20. Like a dream

This picture looks like a beautiful and colorful dream. You can see different patterns and colors in this picture. It has been developed with the help of special effects.

Like a dream

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