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40 Amazing Flat Free Sketch, PSD Admin Dashboard Templates

Build dashboard panels for any admin interface with these free sketch and psd admin dashboard templates. You can find templates to build website applications, mobile dashboards, backend applications and much more.

Just download by clicking the button and start to add, edit text & images to any of these templates. Adobe Photoshop and MacOS Sketch app are helpful for this purpose. Create stunning designs using these amazing free admin dashboard templates for your business. All files available here are in free PSD or sketch formats. Also check the HTML version of admin dashboard templates are listed in this below linked topic.

Meximo PSD Admin Template

This is an awesome PSD template with Google material design concept and it has a lot of features for client projects. The typography used here is Roboto and the UI elements like card order, statistics, monthly trends and daily sales are available on it. The visitor’s geography reports based on their country is also shown. This is a free admin dashboard template for all types of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application back end, CMS or CRM.

Download Meximo PSD Admin Template

Futani Admin Template PSD

This is a unique and trendy admin dashboard with an amazing design. The specialty of this template is that it uses google material concept and comes with great color combination. Even though it looks so simple it’s fancy and functional at the same time. This template is fully editable and can be fully customized according to your needs.

Download Futani Admin Template PSD

Samdash Dashboard PSD Template

This is an eCommerce dashboard for sales monitoring and to view the statistics. This dashboard PSD template is awesome to use on projects as it shows everything in detail like modules, new quote, orders, and products. It’s a free PSD template for any purpose.

Download Samdash Dashboard PSD Template

Virtus Dashboard PSD Template

This is a free dark and minimal dashboard PSD template. You can customize the template according to your needs. This template shows progress bars, page graphical representation of visitors, and impressions etc. Also, use it for eCommerce dashboard for sales monitoring and user registration status. The design and color used on this template make it exceptional from other PSD templates. Previous projects are also listed in the sidebar.

Download Virtus Dashboard PSD Template

Smart PSD Admin Template

This is an eCommerce dashboard for websites which sell products and useful for sales monitoring with the help of UI elements like charts, orders, product visitors, free icons, graphs etc. The bounce rate and customers rating are also shown in the sample psd file. This is a simple dashboard theme with a flat design layout. The other features like messages, charts, and calendar are available on this theme.

Download Smart PSD Admin Template

Sellestica PSD Admin Template

This is an amazing free PSD admin template which shows elements like total sales, sales flow chart, product list, current day sales. The typography used here is Roboto. Other UI elements include a rounded progress bar, vertical progress bar, digit bar, spiral progress bar, pie chart, header and main menu etc.

Download Sellestica PSD Admin Template

Merkury Admin PSD Template

This is a free and easily customizable PSD template with 6 screens that includes elements like login page, sales report, workflow, statistics, calendar, and users. It will give you some resource & creative ideas on how to build your next dashboard project. Overall the template has a clean layout and well layered PSD template.

Download Merkury Admin PSD Template

Dashboard PSD Template

This is a free PSD template which is perfect for games and sports. In this template you can see the complete report on current online players, hours played, new tournaments, lifetime fails, comments and total games played. With the help of this template, you can also find the graphical representation which shows active players, active tournaments, and recent players etc.

Download Dashboard PSD Template

Hygea Dashboard Template

This is a free template which is very simple to use and suitable for health & medical projects. Edit, alter the text and images with Photoshop. This PSD template lets you build a dashboard with health or fitness data. You can find burned calories and cardio tracker which helps to find the condition of your health. This template also has UI elements like checking temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and calories per week.

Download Hygea Dashboard Template

Dione Dashboard Template

This is a PSD dashboard template mainly for small company. This template offers a well organized labeled PSD files, clean flat design and adaptable to your needs. The major UI components like active users, notifications, comments, views, recent activities, team members can be also found on this template.

Download Dione Dashboard Template

Trendy PSD Admin Template

This is a free template which can be used for both personal or commercial use. The template matches well for web applications, mobile dashboards as well as for backend applications. This is a colorful dashboard template which is highly customizable with Photoshop.

Download Trendy PSD Admin Template

Freebie Dashboard PSD

An awesome template with very clean & flat design. The template will show active projects and it has UI features to create contact form, pagees etc.  The PSD layout is easy to convert to HTML & CSS.

Download Freebie Dashboard PSD

Tasks Dashboard Sketch Template

This is a simple template with logomark, sidebar, icons and other UI components with the exceptional look. The other features of this template are that it shows the grid view, active members and has integrated PayPal & stripe check out. Tasks template comes in Sketch file for MacOS users.

Download Tasks Dashboard Sketch Template

Buvud PSD Admin Template

This is an awesome template with two simple fonts and five different bright colors. It has a flat design and color gradients. Detailed dashboard analytics, tasks, calendar and other essential elements are also available on this template.

Download Buvud PSD Admin Template

Course Dashboard Sketch Template

This is an education template with an amazing design and comes in Sketch format. It has the user interface elements like courses, exam, news, activity, q&a etc. This is a helpful dashboard template which shows the graphical representation on total experience gained and experience per day. The user traffic and other records will also be shown on this dashboard template. The option to add questions and answers are also available makes it more attractive.

Download Course Dashboard Sketch Template

Flight Dashboard Admin Template

This is an awesome flight dashboard template with good UI elements like flight activities chart, fuel price, and occupancy rate. The other major features like overview, task, alerts, fleet information, staff, report, and settings are also available on this template. Active flight report from specific countries is also shown which makes an added advantage on this template.

Download Flight Dashboard Admin Template

Dashboard UI PSD Design

This is an amazing dashboard with a dark color scheme. The flat design template with the options of news updates, timeline, settings, tools, info makes it perfect for creating web applications, mobile dashboards and backend applications.

Download Dashboard UI PSD Design

Free Dashboard Template

The dashboard template here is free with 6 screens in PSD format. It has colorful graphical representation and lets you build your web applications, mobile dashboards, backend applications.

Download Free Dashboard Template

Infinity Dashboard Template

Infinity dashboard template is an eCommerce dashboard for sales monitoring and user management. This is an awesome template which shows the active leads like total sales and active visitors. The sale referrals are also shown on the dashboard. The activities on total leads, total pending, case closed and task completed are visible on the homepage dashboard.

Download Infinity Dashboard Template

Shopper Dashboard Template

With good design and simple approach to color schemes this template is suitable for online stores as well as any business websites. The graphical representation on earnings is shown on the template. Further details like revenue, order, tax, and shipment are also available to as a report. The UI elements like the invoice, charts, snippets, UI widgets, total sales and new orders are also available with this template.

Download Shopper Dashboard Template

Financial Plant PSD Template

Make advanced reporting, monitor sales and website activity and generate revenue reports with this cool admin psd template. The best part of this template design is that it keeps track of all bank accounts and inform your email content with purchase data using Google Analytics.

Download Financial Plant PSD Template

Marche Dashboard Template

An eCommerce dashboard template for sales monitoring with graphical revenue details. The design is advanced and website administrators will appreciate it. Monthly activities, totals sales and sales status are also shown on this template in a nice fashion.

Download Marche Dashboard Template

Sharpen Dashboard PSD Template

A free premium looking admin template which is available for personal and commercial use. Using Google material colors, negative spacing, and bold typography the template has a clean outlook. UI elements on the other hand includes style guide, color schemes, icons, models, alerts, accordion, tabs, and buttons.

Download Sharpen Dashboard PSD Template

Ethereum Dashboard PSD Template

This an awesome free template with sharp design and well optimized for mobile devices. It has the options like progress indicator, recover password, finger print access, smart dashboard with a graphical representation, wallet amount in digits, exchange etc.

Download Ethereum Dashboard PSD Template

Admin Dashboard UI PSD Template

This is an amazing template with clean and vibrant colors. The special features like designs, front end and back end details are also given with colorful graphical representation. The dates on each report are shown on the dashboard side. Overall an useful template for project management, time scheduling and to analyze staff productivity.

Download Admin Dashboard UI PSD Template

Kavina Dashboard Template

Every eCommerce website requires a good User interface to monitor sales, weekly and monthly sales report, customer reviews etc. Kavina is a template specially made for this purpose. Create a beautiful admin dashboard for any eCommerce websites, online shops etc. UI elements include a chart, graph, icons and sales report. The graphical report shows detailed revenue, product order reports, daytime and nighttime visitors flow.

Download Kavina Dashboard Template

Chat Dashboard Template

This is a free chat dashboard template which is generally used for chatting apps for desktop softwares. The detailed reports on messages, last chat, active members and other major features are also available on this template. Calender, statistics reports and adding new agenda are other notable features.

Download Chat Dashboard Template

Freebie PSD Dashboard

The sample template shows web analytics, account plan achievements and GAM rating distributions etc in detail. A minimalist template for designers who need progress bar and charts.

Download Freebie PSD Dashboard

Einna Dashboard Template

Einna contains some popular types of charts such as clock chart, curved chart, bar chart, pie chart, stacked bar and line chart. Your sales statistics are shown with a neat graphical representation.

Download Einna Dashboard Template

CRM Dashboard PSD Template

This is a cool dashboard template designed for you. It contains product statistics, ticket management, calendar, task list, popular charts like clock, bar and pie charts. Overall it is a well designed template for creative agencies and business who swell specific products and services.

Download CRM Dashboard PSD Template

Grapic Dashboard Template

An amazing template made with flat colors and cool designs. It has many UI elements to create admin dashboards like – user profiles, appointments, payments, customers details, calendar, date and much more.

Download Grapic Dashboard Template

Home Monitoring Dashboard Template

This template has a simple design with UI elements to monitor temperature, climate conditions, camera surveillance etc. The quality and layout of this template are really good with neat structure.

Download Home Monitoring Dashboard Template

Theme Panda Dashboard Template

This is responsive dashboard template with a graphical representation for showing any analytical data. It has UI components like charts, calendar, comments, downloads, sharing and performance statistics. All the projects information are also shown on the top of this template for easy access.

Download Theme Panda Dashboard Template

Scribl App Dashboard Template

This is a free sketch app template which supports well on IOS, Android, and the Web. The user statistics and total downloads are also shown on this template along with report charts for fitness business. The app dashboard lets you track daily and monthly activities of all active users.

Download Scribl App Dashboard Template

Planner Dashboard Template

Planning a trip and like to track all travel details then this is a perfect template for you. UI elements include pages with meetup plans, discovered places, notifications, task lists etc. Personal tasks can also added to this template.

Download Planner Dashboard Template

PSD Dashboard Template

This is an stunning dashboard template with features like visitors by country, daily/monthly visitors. The bounce rate, calendar, maps, website visitors are also free to use with this template.

Download PSD Dashboard Template

Ulnugget Dashboard Template

This is a free dashboard template with good design and layout. The statistics based on user-data and grid view is given on this template. UI elements, charts, and the calendar is also available on this template. Latest report details, active visitors, project managers on each project are shown on the template homepage.

Download Unlugget Dashboard Template

Free PSD Dashboard Template

This is a free and simple psd template for professional dashboard area with graphical representation of traffic, like, profile & pageviews and comments count. The design and layout of this template are really stunning with monthly and yearly statistics on the graph.

Download Free PSD Dashboard Template

Morph UI Dashboard

This UI dashboard template contains the original Adobe fireworks file and PSD file. You can use this template for both personal and commercial uses. This template has the features like full analytics, media, basic elements, forms & tables and pop ups. It has a very beautiful interface for building your dashboard panel.

Download Morph UI Dashboard

We hope you get the best from this free and superb collection of PSD dashboard templates. Thank you for reading.

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