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30+ Beautiful and Free Thin Fonts You Shouldn’t Miss

Did you ever considered that fact that more than 90 percent of the information available online is simple text? Text has been a dominant leader in providing information since the beginning of the internet. That is why designers put special focus on formatting and presenting text in an attractive way. In doing so, they are always in the search for a better font. Additionally, there are always typography related projects where fonts play the biggest role.

So far, we have published numerous font list posts. But we never published one on the thin fonts. That was strange given the huge popularity of thin fonts among the designers. However, we have finally prepared a list of 30+ beautiful and free thin fonts for you. All of these fonts are modern, elegant and professionally designed. I am sure by the time you have finished going through the list, you sould have added several new fonts to your favorite fonts list.

1. Roboto Font Family

Featuring both a mechanical nature and a geometrical shape, Roboto is a friendly thin font. The natural width of the font is very useful for creative design and artworks.

Roboto Font Family

2. Diner- Font Family

Diner is a brand new thin font with an excellent design. The long characters of the font are especially made for using in big size posters, designs or illustration.

Diner- Font Family

3. Aspergit Font Family

Aspergit is an excellent thin font with different variations. The elegant design of the theme has made it a perfect choice for any high-class, professional design.

Aspergit Font Family


Based on the concept of neon lighting, this is an interesting font with a creative design. There is a Spansih version of the font family too.


5. Soerjapoetera Font

With a creative mix of thin and wide characters, Soerjapoetera is another thin font with an attractive look. The font looks good in titles, headings or other sections where large font size is required.

Soerjapoetera Font

6. Ormont Font Family

Ormont is available in two variations – light and outline. This good looking thin font could be used for body text or any long descriptions.

Ormont Font Family

7. Marte Font

Marte is a professionally designed thin font which is free for both personal and commercial usage. The font features interesting designs for some characters.

Marte Font

8. Martell Font Family

While most thin fonts tend to follow the sans serif approach, Martell is designed as a serif font. This bold and artistic font is available in multiple variations including light, normal, bold and black.

Martell Font Family

9. Caledo Font Family

With two variations and a cool design, Caledo is an excellent thin font. This free font will look great in image captions or any other artistic use cases.

Caledo Font Family

10. LS Font Family

By combining simplicity with the thin design, LS Font Family has successfully created an interesting font design. You can choose from the light, lightAlt, regular, regularAlt or the bold versions.

LS Font Family

11. Trench Font

This versatile font is designed form a humanist approach. While the free version includes only the basic version, the premium version offer two more variations of the font.

Trench Font

12. Rawengulk Sans Font

Rawengulk is a techno font with characters featuring a thin design. The gorgeous looking theme could be easily used in both the title and the body text.

Rawengulk Sans Font

13. CLiCHE 21 Font Family

CLiCHE 21 font is available in a regular and an italic version. You can consider the font for any retro or vintage creative designs.

CLiCHE 21 Font Family

14. Asenine Font Family

Asenine is an elegant looking thin font which is available for free. Besides the thin version, the font is also available in a super thin, regular and wide version.

Asenine Font Family

15. Nemoy Font Family

Featuring a cool futuristic look, Nemoy is a super thin font. You can use any of the light, medium or bold version of the font.

Nemoy Font Family

16. Mers Font Family

Despite the name, this font is designed by a designer from this very earth and you can use this on earth too! Jokes apart, the round shaped character of the font looks very interesting to me.

Mers Font Family

17. Ostrich Sans Font Family

This gorgeously designed thin font follows the sans serif tradition. The extra-long neck of the characters has made the font more attractive. There are lots of variations available for the font.

Ostrich Sans Font Family

18. Lane Font Family

Lane is a super-narrow thin font. The different varieties of the theme have made sure that you have multiple choices for using in your design works.

Lane Font Family

19. Alegreya Sans Font Family

It is very hard to find a calligraphy font which is both thin and follows a humanist approach. Alegreya is one of those rare fonts. This excellent font is carefully designed to deliver a diverse atmosphere.

Alegreya Sans Font Family

20. Advent Pro Font Family

Making use of the sans serif design principles, Advent Pro is a modern, thin font. Besides English, the font also supports other languages including German, Greek, Turkish etc.

Advent Pro Font Family

21. Attentica 4F Font

The big, bold design of the Attentica 4F Font is perfect for creating attractive design works. The ultra-light font features really thin characters.

Attentica 4F Font

22. Kingsbridge Font Family

This slab-serif font comes with sharp point on characters like A, M, N, V, W etc. The font is free to use in digital or print related commercial designs.

Kingsbridge Font Family

23. Titillium Web Font Family

Originally designed as part of an academic program, this free font is included in the Google Fonts too. There are quite a lot of variations of the font available.

Titillium Web Font Family

24. Josefin Sans Font Family

Based on several vintage fonts, the Josefin font was designed to be an elegant and properly geometric font. An interesting feature of the font is its distinct x-height.

Josefin Sans Font Family

25. Fortheenas_01 Font Family

While most other thin fonts prefer narrow designs for their characters, Fortheenas follows a different approach. Most of its characters are rather wide and they still look beautiful.

Fortheenas_01 Font Family

26. Tartlers End Font

The designer of the font found inspiration for creating the font after going through a Captcha test! That is why you will notice lots of curves and lines in the characters.

Tartlers End Font

27. Drugs Font

As the name suggests, this font was intended for using in the pharmaceutical, medicine or chemical industries. The premium version of the theme comes with 10 different styles.

Drugs Font

28. Labtop Font Family

This very thin font family features characters with rounded edges and geometrical asymmetries. It will certainly look good in bigger designs.

Labtop Font Family

29. Web Serveroff Font Family

The designers of the font have created the font to be used in blogs and modern websites. This totally free font could be used in CMS, web templates or software.

Web Serveroff Font Family

30. Uni Sans Font Family

Uni Sans Font is the result of collaboration between several designers. Along with the thin version, there are also thin italic, heavy and heavy italic variations of the font.

Uni Sans Font Family

31. Rajdhani Font Family

This open source font was especially designed for using in headlines, titles or other big size text. The thin font comes with five variations.

Rajdhani Font Family

32. Quarterly BRK Font Family

With a very unique design for each character, this thin font could be used in creative design and artworks.

Quarterly BRK Font Family

33. Dosis Font Family

This monoline, simple thin font comes with several alternatives for testing the design of your creative works. The font family covers multiple languages too.

Dosis Font Family

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