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html5/css3 coming soon, under construction website template

30+ Free HTML5 Website Under Construction, Coming Soon Templates

Sometimes a redesign might be the only way to get around an old theme, compensating missing features. Leaving website visitors unattended with a black 404 or not found page while your designer is on the project can be devastating. An under construction page and even coming soon pages can come to your rescue while going for a regular maintenance.

A critical turning point in theme redesign is made by most brands when new technologies like responsive, flat design, one page parallax designs emerge. It’s not wise to blank out for a week or two and keep your visitors guessing what’s happening out there. Even with a website under construction theme you get the option to notify your customers, let them subscribe and much more.

Add a time counter, show a glimpse of updates, upcoming features with these templates we present to you for free download.

A glimpse of your current work under progress will do wonders and may be the first part of marketing to make visitors know more of it. Enough said, take a look at below free downloads of the website under construction and coming soon pages which you might need before blanking out in this year 2018. Also, take a took at the related article for a huge number of free templates.


The best free coming soon template you will ever need to create an awesome website landing page. This year we have seen some cool designs for under construction pages but this one is a special. The template itself is simple but it features multiple layouts with different product displays which showoff the countdown timer and messages. Take a look at the demo to find out more.

Demo More Info / Download

snart free coming soon template



Coming soon one-page template

This is a neat and laconic coming soon and under construction one-page template. A full-screen intro element includes a counter, an animated text element and a subscribe form.

Demo More Info / Download

Coming soon one-page template


A bootstrap ready html5 template released in 2016 for your future endeavours in theme redesign. Hook up this template at the start of a certain project giving the client, visitors a feel to what they can expect in near future from you.

Demo More Info / Download

Free Coming Soon HTML template


A weird naming convention but it does its job pretty good. It presents you with a colorful well synchronzied schemes and multiple layouts. One of the interesting layout design i found was a background slider and a whole web page with contact, about us pages.

Demo More Info / Download

comingwa free template under construction


Avion is a simple coming soon page on top of bootstrap framework with responsive design. Adding features like social profiles, newsletter subscription, countdown timers are possible in this free html ready template.

More Info / Download

Avion - free Landing Page Template HTM


Pixicon lets you choose from three homepage variants for your next coming soon page template. The designs are responsive and the layouts give you the options to showcase image slideshows and even Youtube videos in the background.

Demo More Info / Download

free pixicon template - coming soon


UX – Free Responsive Coming Soon Countdown Template

Ux is a brilliant html coming soon template with a countdown timer integrated which can be used on your website whenever you have a new theme design, a scheduled maintenance or anything, as you dont want to keep the customers guessing.

There is a straight forward documentation on how to change the timer to your needs. The template is fully responsive and uses bootstrap for html, css coding. Other well integrated options in the page are a contact and a about us page.


UX - Free Responsive Coming Soon Countdown Template

Dark Coming Soon Page

A simple dark template in html5 with a jquery countdown timer to get your coming soon page ready for any catastrophes or say new theme plans. One must have at least one of these free templates before going for a theme redesign or regular maintenance.

More Info / Download

coming soon with dark html design

Behind Me

Download the free coming soon page with full page options like about, services, contact. You can get users to subscribe to your email campaign as a part of the updating process.

Demo More Info / Download

BehindMe – Responsive Coming Soon HTML Template

Dark Themed

A email subscription, social page, large heading can be added with the help of this template to display a beautiful coming soon page. The theme is responsive and will look great on all devices.

Demo More Info / Download

Coming soon HTML template in dark color

2AM Coming

2AM is a bootstrap template with not just a coming soon page but a full onepage sections for subscribing to know the launch status of your app, website and a contact us section.


2am coming soon template


Kite is a good looking and inspiring html template which features multiple browser compatibility, responsive design and a cool countdown timer. There are over 8 countdown templates with this download with different color schemes and also with parallax effect.


Kite Free Responsive Coming Soon HTML5 Template

Modern Coming Soon Page

Almost similar to the above template we introduced this template however is just a page with a countdown timer. You can link to your social pages as shown in the demo.

More Info / Download

Responsive HTML5 Coming Soon Template

Bootstrap Coming Soon Page

A template with a simple email notification option at the bottom to inform user of your next project website. Use it to showcase any new updates, regular maintenance messages and more.


Sssoon Page

Under Construction Responsive Website Template

A simple coming soon page with email call to action  button to keep users hooked and to notify them once the new design is complete. The colorful header and large coming soon typography adds to the effect giving a glimpse of smooth upcoming design.


coming soon Website


Alissa comes with images slideshow, countdown timer, minimal and light design, AJAX email subscription form with form validation, and social icons. Take a look at the live demo and download it from the links below.


Alissa - Responsive Coming Soon Template

Free Coming Soon Template: Ego Cafe

A cafe page with opening date status will keep users hooked. The fullscreen design of this template is pretty sweet and you will love it too. Date, location are added manually by editing the html template.


ego cafe


This template will provide you with options to setup a initial website before you move onto the serious work. Download and use this free html template for your new website.



DrinkAlike The iPhone App


iPhone App

Fotos Website Launching Soon

This is a free web and mobile ready template which is responsive and uses clean html, css standards. Make you visitors subscribe yo your email campaign as well.


Mobile Template

Grand Under Construction Mobile Website Template

We are providing Grand web and mobile template for free. This template design as pure html and responsive css and we used jquery timer for time representation.




Soon is a Responsive Design compatible in all browsers and mobiles, Tablet pc’s.


Soon Website


A simple yet efficient way to design under construction page is by using this free construct template.


Construct Website


A professor with a working tool to showcase your upcoming theme at work.




Blue Sky

A tech website construction page for modern day websites. The color can be customised with a little css styling.


Free Blue Sky

Dark Coming Soon Page

A free Dark web mobile template with a email notification form for the interested visitors.



Smart Cart

A maintenance page for a shopping website or to showcase upcoming theme updates.


Smart Cart

Empty Wallet

This is a very interesting template for those who can use it. It is free to download in html format.


Empty Wallet

Auto Car

Build a new automotive website ? Hint the same to your visitors with this clean coming soon page template which is free.



Sun template

This template has a catchy background image to showcase a maintenance website. The countdown timer, subscriptions, social profiles are all included for a creating coming soon design.

Demo More Info / Download

sun free template for html5


Using a mailchimp subscription form and a brilliant design, this html5/ css3 template gives you a super smooth and carefree website to add to your collection.

Demo More Info / Download

html5/css3 coming soon, under construction website template

How Premium coming soon Templates Look?

Here’s how, check this article. A sneak peek of this article.


Like to show a website under construction or a temporary maintenance page with style? Look no further, Emma is a responsive HTML5 website template designed for modern desktops and smartphones. You can add YouTube video background, particle background, and responsive image sliders to make the website cool. The countdown timer can be set to your taste.

Live Demo More Info / Download

Emma - Creative Coming Soon Template

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    Thank you for your Subscription
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