Get to Know More on Egg Incubators in Kenya

Incubation is an act of preserving a cell, an orgasm, or even a cell culture in proper conditions which support growth and even development. Many people have adopted egg hatching through the use of an incubator.

This article focuses on the different types of poultry incubators.

The incubation business is distinct from the numerous activities that we usually encounter. As a result of this uniqueness, it’s challenging to get genuine incubation providers. As the demand for egg incubators increases, there needs to be clarity about which incubator providers are the best. Here is the solution if you are wondering where to get the best incubators.

Poultry incubators available in Kenya

An incubator resembles a hen which generates an environment favorable for hatching chicks from an egg. For about 21 days, warm temperatures are preserved in the incubator. It retains the eggs’ warmth and is in excellent condition for hatching appropriately.

Numerous heat sources can be used to maintain the warm condition of an egg. They include electricity, solar energy, and fuel (paraffin, gas, and charcoal). Different incubators are manufactured according to a proposed heat source. Currently, paraffin incubators are famous and preferred in Kenya.

Types of egg-hatching incubatorsin Kenya

There are various kinds of incubators for hatching eggs. The following is a list of incubators found in Kenya;

Electric-poweredegg incubator

This incubator requires a steady supply of electricity for hatching eggs accordingly. In case of a disruption in power supply (a frequent thing in Kenya), many eggs may be spoilt because of inappropriate egg hatching. These incubators are obtainable in three models automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.

A hatching tray accompanies the automatic incubator, a thermostat to regulate the temperature for proper hatching, and a hygrometer for controlling the humidity while hatching eggs. This incubator’s hatching tray has a turning egg system to ensure that eggs are automatically turned during incubation.

The air circulation system ensures that air in the incubator is circulated as required while hatching eggs. Generally, the incubation systems can be appropriately monitored by using remote-controlled gadgets to control them. This incubator has a capacity of 60-1200 eggs. However, the egg incubator price in Kenya varies.

Manual egg incubator

This incubator can be an alternative if you can’t access electricity. It provides you with a cheaper way to incubate eggs. A manual incubator usually uses charcoal, kerosene, or gas to warm the hatching chamber (where eggs are placed).

The humidity and temperatures are manually controlled. The probability of hatching eggs is 50-60% if appropriately monitored.

Nevertheless, farmers have discovered the use of thermometers to regulate temperature and place water alongside the eggs to control humidity, increasing the hatching rate.

Solar egg incubator

Solar egg incubators utilize solar power to hatch eggs. It is commonly adopted in localities where electricity power isn’t dependable. The solar power panel is connected to an extensive battery system with a controllable charger to ensure power is supplied efficiently.

The heat inside the incubator is controlled using a thermostat if an overheating problem occurs. Fans are also installed to ensure proper regulation of fresh air. Humidity is maintained by placing water near the eggs. This egg incubator has a capacity of 100-12000 eggs.


In Kenya, the prices of egg-hatching incubators vary according to the power utilized and capacity. With this article, you will be able to decide on which incubator to purchase.



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