Here Is How Xfinity TV and Internet Bundles Create Value for Money

Xfinity in the US has been a household name for a while now, and Xfinity internet is super affordable and the packages come with a variety of benefits. However, although Xfinity is known to be one of the greatest internet service providers, it is advisable to purchase Xfinity TV in addition to Xfinity internet. You receive a number of advantages when you combine any of Xfinty’s numerous services, which ultimately add value to the money you paid. Therefore, you should definitely invest in Xfinity’s services if you intend to bundle your internet and TV services.

Here are all the reasons how Xfinity TV and Internet bundle create value for your money with their variety of benefits.

Exceptional Speed

Well, Xfinity provides the finest speed tiers for single users who don’t require too much speed, and also for households with multiple users using internet for gaming, streaming, working from home, and using your smart home gadgets. Additionally, getting an xFi gateway along with Xfinity internet ensures that you have optimum speed and internet signals all across your home. The sleek and fashionable xFi Gateway makes sure that each of your devices is receiving the fastest possible speeds and that your internet signal strength is at its highest level. It works well with your TV and facilitates using your 4K Flex box so you can uninterruptedly stream 4K videos online.


The benefit of combining any services from one provider is that the price drops dramatically. When you get Xfinity TV and internet, you receive two of the greatest services with a variety of advantages that increase the value of your purchase. You also save a significant amount of money by doing all of your installation and paying through one provider. You not only save money this way, but a tone of time and effort as well.


Besides the multiple benefits, Xfinity deals come with very flexible billing process. You can always pay your bills through the app and make the process fast and efficient by the paperless billing option on Xfinity. In addition, one more thing that adds convenience is the fact that Xfinity has flexible term and agreement options for regular customers, which is one of the major things that add convenience as well as value to your service.

Internet Security With xFi Gateway

Well, one thing that is important these days with the increasing cybercrimes and hacks is internet security. If you rent out the xFi gateway, you get the Advanced Security option, which adapts to your system and secures you against all kinds of cyber threats, attacks, and all kinds of internet related security risks. With the security option you can also monitor your children’s devices and activities and put parental controls on their internet usage time as well as content.

Besides that, the security is so efficient that it provides you separate guest WiFi hotspots for your visitors so that your home network stays secure.

DVR Recordings

The ability to record on your DVR is one of Xfinity X1 TV’s best feature. Xfinity DVR enables you to record live shows even while you are away when your favorite live show is unavailable on your streaming devices and services. The cloud allows you to keep 150 hours of HD content, and you can record up to 6 episodes at once. This means you may save your favorite TV shows to view in HD at a later time.

On Demand Content

You may view on-demand video through Xfinity, and it suggests customized stuff that might be to your taste based on your searches and watch list. You therefore have entertainment ready to watch when you turn on your TV. It is good for you if you prefer a particular type of content because in this way, your tastes will be catered to.

Free Peacock Premium      

Besides the cloud DVR and Xfinity’s own content, you get a subscription to Peacock Premium, which allows you to stream content online. The content you get free includes a variety of Peacock original shows, movies, TV series, as well as other famous content such as The Office and other comedy and live shows.

Kids Zone

Because they let you show your children stuff that is appropriate for their age, regulate, and monitor their screen time, Xfinity internet and TV have excellent children-friendly offerings. There is a special Kids Zone on X1 TV that provides you with a secure space for your children. It is a place where your kids may browse age-appropriate content and watch live and on-demand television anytime they want. Additionally, they have the choice to DVR record their preferred TV shows or cartoons. The Kids Zone on X1 TV has a variety of content on variety of genres, so your kids will never be bored and they will find personalized content based on their searches.

Sports Zone

The greatest sports channel for sports fans is Xfinity TV, because, like the kids channel, it includes a dedicated sports channel for sports fans that can also be accessed through their mobile apps and contains all the sports programming for sports fans. The Xfinity Sports Zone lets you check the scores from anywhere, receive notifications about your favorite sports TV shows, and receive sports updates and watch live shows. The Sports Zone has personalized content for you based on your searches and it is a special dashboard for the sports lover in your family.

Technology of the Future

Besides the xFi gateway and other advanced services that you get with Xfinity, you can enjoy the award winning voice remote too. You may use voice commands to manage a variety of devices, including the streaming box, TV, xFi Gateway, and more, with Xfinity’s multi-award winning voice technology. Similar to smart technology, Xfinity supports voice commands, making it simpler for you to use your voice to operate and control your TV and internet. If you forget to switch off your streaming box while you were away from home or need to activate parental controls, you can still use the voice control to get everything done through the app. Besides that, you can simply say the channel name, or channel number on your remote and it will play it for you.

Download Content from Xfinity Stream App

The Xfinity stream app not only allows you to stream content on your phone, but it also has an option for you to download content and watch later in offline mode. The stream app has a variety of content options for you to choose from and watch.

With Free Hotspots and Xfinity App, You Can Get Updates Everywhere

As previously mentioned, Xfinity Sports Zone enables you to check scores from anywhere and receive updates on your favorite shows. Well, Xfinity provides over 20 million free Wi-Fi hotspots that you can connect to from your smartphone when you are on the go and use the internet without worrying about open Wi-Fi security hazards. This allows you to receive updates on your favorite shows from anywhere you are if you have Xfinity internet.

Deals for Latino Customers

Xfinity is a very inclusive internet and TV service provider because it doesn’t only provide the native English speakers with benefits but also has packages for Spanish speaking customers. Xfinity has Latino deals with half the channels in Spanish language and much more. To know more about it you can call Xfinity Servico al Cliente and have your queries about the Latino packages answered.

Final Thoughts

These are a few benefits that come with Xfinity Internet and TV that add value to the money you have paid. In addition to saving you time, money, and energy, Xfinity provides the highest level of TV and internet security and is fully family-friendly. Therefore, Xfinity is one of the best offers to have in the US if you intend to get an affordable bundle for internet and TV.



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