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40 High Speed Photography Experiments

The technological innovation never ends; it keeps developing day by day with updated ideas. Photography is also a most favorable field where technology keeps changing and new ideas develops even on daily basis to bring dynamic photography experiences. Apart from technology, some photography tools are also used to be updated to meet the current demands of this field. As this is obvious that capturing the moment in a way in which it brings the dynamic outputs is the essence of photography. Without it, photography is nothing but a fun. This is why, updated technology and tools keep introduced in this field to make photography the most enchanted art. Photography technology has brought such cameras that can capture the images of fast-occurring events that was almost impossible to be apparently seen by our naked eyes. In other words, we call it a ‘High Speed Photography’ technique.

High speed photography is a skill of capturing images of fast occurring events and happenings even in minimally nanoseconds time intervals. This is most enthralling skill, thus it needs a dynamic high speed expertise and tools. Today, I am here again with some breathtaking high speed photography experiences for you that will amaze you with their brilliant outputs. Unlimited high speed moments are waiting for you to be captured, so why do not you give it a try? Let’s check out our exclusive collection and have some mind blowing ideas for your own portfolio development.

Colors always bring awesome feelings wherever we add them. High speed photography, if includes the colors brings dynamic familiarity. We do not know or sometime we do not give importance to routine events occur in our surroundings such as dropping and falling of things we use, i.e. water, pen, glass, fruits. Following is the great example of routine events we even do not notice, but hold special essence if we add them in our photography. Find out how an ordinary pencil dropping will result shattered tips that will make stunning high speed photography experience.

1. 1 Teaspoon of Smoke

1 Teaspoon of Smoke

2. Shattered tip

high speed photography

3. Pencil Tips

high speed photography8

Another most experienced high speed photography technique is to capture the burst balloons full of water. Almost every photographer captures such images and adds them in his/her portfolio because of the uniqueness and alluring results. You can also try it by using different colored balloons full of water, burst them and have fun full of excitement. You will see the water turns into the color of balloon that actually makes the images appealing and interesting.

4. Balloon Burst


5. Color water balloons


6. High Speed Balloon Popping


7. Liqufi

Liquify photography

8. A fond les ballon

high speed photography

9. Perfection

high speed photography4

Interestingly, if you want to see how it looks when banana gets peeled off and Fanta tin burst off even in microseconds, check out the following images. To capture such images, you will need a banana or a Fanta, coke or Pepsi tin, a high speed camera, a gun and a motivation to experience something new yet mind blowing.

10. Peeled in 500 microseconds

peeled-banana photography

11. Fanta

Orange-Fizz high speed

Glass breaks daily and we do not notice this amazing event, but high speed photographer knows very well how to make this ordinary event most alluring and interesting with some dynamic skills. Believe me; you will enjoy it the most when you capture the glass breaking event by adding some colors, items and themes.

12. Glass Breaking

high speed photography

13. Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers

14. Broken Bottle


15. Wine

high speed photography6

16. Light BuLB Explosion

high speed photography2

Food items, however we eat them, but what if we make them things of interest too? Check out the following images and imagine how you can create stunning high speed photos by using food items as a theme. Burst them, drop them in water or shoot them, do whatever you want and enhance your portfolio’s personality with such high speed images. These images may include coffee dropping, egg burst, strawberry dropping in milk, fruits dropping in water etc.

17. Coffee

coffee drops

18. Cherry Juice


19. Egg

egg high speed photography

20. Splash of Lime


21. Straberry


22. Orange Splash Crown

orange-splash high speed

23. Aqua Apple

Aqua-Apple green

24. Bottoms up! Coffee

Bottoms-up high speed photography

Water, either in still or moving state gives photographers amazing photography experiences. No matter what type of camera they use or what sort of technology they apply, aquatic photos looks brilliant in portfolio. Water flowing, water dropping and water splashes are such events occur daily, but we do not actually note them, how they look. Water, drinks, or milk splashes are created when we drop something in it, either small or large things. We only can understand this phenomena if we see them in slow motion that is impossible with our naked eyes. So for this, if we use the high speed cameras and techniques, we only can make this happen. Check out the following images and see they will amaze you, even when they are simply the water splashes images. Some of them are colored splashes, which also look stunning when captured.

25. Water Splash

high sped photography

26. High Speed Photography

high-speed photography

27. Whisky Splash

high speed photography5

28. Drop

high speed photography

29. Yellow Splash

high speed photography1

30. High Speed Splash

high speed photography7

31. Ballerina


32. Sculpture of Liquid

high speed photography9

33. Orange Krone

high speed photography10

34. Ignition


35. Energy destroyed

Energy destroyed

36. Vimto


37. Bubble burst

Bubble burst

38. Tobbaco destruction II

Tobbaco destruction II

39. The 3 Amigos

The 3 Amigos

40. Indian roller

Indian roller

41. Egret


42. Red White & Blue

Red White & Blue

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