How Can Droughts Be Triggered by Physical Conditions and Human Activities

Droughts are a major environmental issue that can have devastating consequences on the environment, communities, and economies. They occur when there is a prolonged period of little or no rainfall, resulting in a shortage of water. Droughts can be caused by a variety of physical and human factors, and it is important to understand both in order to effectively manage and mitigate their risks.

Physical Causes of Droughts

Droughts can be caused by a variety of physical conditions. One of the most common physical causes of droughts is changes in atmospheric circulation patterns, which can lead to a decrease in rainfall. This can occur due to El Niño and La Niña, which are global climate patterns that cause changes in weather patterns. Additionally, changes in air pressure and temperature can also influence the amount of rainfall in an area, leading to a drought.

Other physical causes of droughts include changes in topography and vegetation. For example, if a region experiences a decrease in vegetation due to deforestation, this can lead to an increase in the temperature of the area, leading to a decrease in rainfall. Similarly, if a region has an increase in elevation, this can also lead to a decrease in rainfall, as the air is less likely to hold moisture.

Human Impact on Droughts

Humans also have an impact on the occurrence and severity of droughts. One of the most significant human-induced causes of droughts is climate change. As the Earth’s temperature continues to increase due to the release of greenhouse gases, this can lead to changes in weather patterns, resulting in a decrease in rainfall.

In addition to climate change, humans can also contribute to droughts through activities such as over-exploitation of water resources. As water is used for a variety of purposes, such as agriculture, industry, and domestic use, this can lead to a decrease in the amount of water available to the environment. This can result in a decrease in rainfall, leading to a drought.

Droughts can be caused by a variety of physical and human factors, and it is important to understand both in order to effectively manage and mitigate their risks. By understanding the physical and human causes of droughts, we can take the necessary steps to reduce their impacts and ensure that our communities and economies are resilient in the face of this environmental challenge.

Droughts, the lack of rain over a long period of time, can have a substantial impact on our environment, economy, nature, and daily lives. Though often thought of as a natural occurrence, droughts can be triggered by physical conditions and human activities around the globe.

Low atmospheric pressure is a major physical condition that can bring about a drought. It brings dry, hot weather and an absence of rainfall rather than the more common conditions of humid and rainy weather. Low-pressure areas also act as a barrier to the moisture-carrying winds, leading to drier conditions. This is especially true in regions such as the Midwest United States, where a big dip in pressure can lead to much drier conditions.

Human activities can also trigger severe droughts. Deforestation and the destruction of natural vegetation (also known as the return of desertification) can bring about significant aridity, as it removes the absorption capacity of vegetation and leads to increased evaporation. Soil degradation due to overgrazing, poor agricultural practices, and wind erosion can also contribute to this. In addition, over-pumping of rivers and lakes, mainly used for irrigation purposes, can create a situation in which the replenishment of these bodies of water is not sufficient to meet the needs of the people.

In conclusion, droughts can not only be natural occurrences but can also be brought about by physical conditions such as low atmospheric pressure, as well as human activities such as deforestation and incorrect irrigation practices. To minimize the impact of droughts and minimize their triggering, governments and citizens alike should practice smart land management and preserve natural resources.



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