How Can Your Theatre Run Successfully with a Software?

We understand how important it is for theatres to have a fast, easily accessible, as well as reliable system to take care of events. That’s why our group has worked numerous hours to offer a theatre management system loaded with sophisticated functions to assist in all your event requirements. With aspects that help with whatever from unique seat maps to season registrations, our system is ready to help make your theatre ticket office software as successful as it can potentially be.

  • Theatre Subscriptions

If there’s one point that maintains patrons returning to your theatre repeatedly, it’s understanding that they will have continued access to their favoured seats each time they check out. Memberships grant patrons a sell which they are ensured the same seats and advantages for whichever occasions you include in your membership bundle. Guests can select whichever seat they favour, as well as are admitted to that same seat for the whole season. Instead of purchasing a new ticket for every performance, theatre subscriptions allow your guests to rest easy understanding they will be able to be in their preferred seats each time they go to.

  • Seating Maps for Preferred Seats

Having a clear seat map for your place will allow visitors an aesthetic of your theatre before they pick their areas. Our theatre ticket office software program allows you to post a seating map background with your own sections, rows, as well as seat numbers to clearly show your place design for a simple and worry-free experience on both ends. Time to lay down seats! Our flexible seat map home builder allows the building and construction of any place map for different theatre setups, no matter what setup. Patrons having subscriptions are given the advantage of favoured seating, in that the ticketing software will populate the seats they have chosen in the past and recommend them to your client before others are able to choose them. Preferred seating choices can be immediately added to a patron’s account, making the details easily accessible for the following time they select to visit your place.

  • Holds

Your clients might not always prepare to purchase a ticket right away, as well as our hold option allows guests time before finishing their order. This attribute from our theatre ticket office software program can place several tickets on hold for a certain amount of time prior to customers being asked to finish their purchase. We put you in control of holds by enabling you to pick an expiry day and suggesting emails to urge your visitor to complete their order. Holds give you, as well as your clients a unique experience that is unique to tickets, as the team is dedicated to offering alternatives and freedom to your guests while still generating customers and earnings for your theatre.



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