How Hot Weather Impacts Vaping Habits

Fun fact: hot weather can significantly affect vaping habits. From e-liquid to device performance, you’ll need to adapt your vape for a satisfying experience.

How Hot Weather Impacts Vaping Habits

With the summer fast approaching, more people will be tempted to reach for their vape while soaking in the sun. As temperatures soar, this sweltering summer heat can pose unique challenges to vapers due to the sun’s effects on vapes and e-liquid. It’s extremely important that vapers understand how external factors can impact their vaping habits, so with that in mind, here are some of the ways in which oncoming summer can change how you vape.

Leaky vape tanks

One of the main impacts the hot weather will have on your vape is the thinning of your e-liquid. Higher temperatures and direct sunlight can cause the e-liquid in your vape tank to thin out as its consistency changes. The thinner e-liquid will then lead to quicker wicking and increased coil saturation, which can eventually cause leaking through the tank’s airflow holes.

To prevent any leaking tanks during the summer, make sure you’re storing your e-liquid away from direct sunlight, preferably in a cool and dark environment. You can also avoid these leaks by switching over to thicker e-liquids that have a higher VG (vegetable glycerine) ratio.

Shorter battery life

The summer’s higher temperatures can also significantly impact your battery’s lifespan and health. Batteries, when exposed to extreme temperatures both hot and cold, can see a decrease in performance and overall health. When exposed to hot temperatures, you may notice that your battery won’t last as long between charges.

In the most extreme scenarios, batteries can also start to overheat and go into thermal runaway. This is extremely dangerous as lithium batteries can explode when they overheat and the number of these lithium-battery related incidents has grown significantly in the US and globally. Fortunately, these risks can be avoided with proper battery care and storage.

Similarly to e-liquid storage, you’ll want to store your vape kit away from the sun and ideally in a cool and dark place. When using your vape outside, cover the device with a blanket, towel, or in a bag when not in use to protect it from the sun and heat.

If you’re planning on bringing your vape on your summer travels, make sure to carry an extra battery – which you can easily purchase from stores like Vaping 101 – or your vape’s charger on you as well to avoid your vape running out of battery in the middle of your day.

Decreased e-liquid quality

Aside from affecting the e-liquid’s viscosity, the hot weather may also start affecting the quality of your e-liquid. The sunlight and heat can potentially alter the chemical makeup of your e-liquid, which may lead to muted flavours and a change in the juice’s nicotine strength. A good sign to watch out for is any changes in the e-liquid colour – if your e-liquid has started turning more brown or yellow, there’s a good chance its quality has already started degrading.

The best way to prevent this change in quality is to always store your e-liquids in a cool and dark place such as a drawer or even a refrigerator.

Increased hydration needs

Regular vapers may also notice their mouths becoming drier the more they vape. The dehydration that comes with vaping can become even worse in combination with the hot summer temperatures, leading to a dry mouth and added discomfort. When vaping during the summer, make sure you’re being mindful of your fluid intake and drink plenty of water during the day, especially if you know you’ll be spending more time outdoors in the sun.

The changing temperatures that come with the summer undoubtedly has a significant impact on how people vape. As temperatures rise, vapers will need to reevaluate which e-liquids they use, how they store their vaping supplies, as well as their water intake and hydration levels throughout the day. By having a better understanding of how the heat can affect their vape, vapers will be able to make more informed decisions that help them vape safely throughout the summer.



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