How to Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about making connections. Seeking to connect with everyone you know, unlike most other social networking platforms, might convey an incorrect impression. It may appear like you’re connecting for the sake of networking rather than actually expanding your business network if send out connection requests randomly. Ask yourself this question before adding someone to your list of LinkedIn connections. Would this contact discuss jobs or refer me to an employer?

If you answered yes, adding this person to your list of LinkedIn connections would be a smart idea. Adding connections on LinkedIn is one of the most essential features for networking on the platform, and we have gone over the complete process of adding connections on LinkedIn to help you understand the complete process for better prospects.

The complete process of adding LinkedIn connections

  1.     Select My Network found at the top of the page of your LinkedIn home feed to start adding connections on LinkedIn. You’ll see a list of individuals you might know, as well as any connection invites you’ve received. Just click Connect if you notice someone you’d want to connect with. You may also search for specific individuals who you already know and connect with them by clicking Connect on their profile.
  2.     If you prefer, you might also add a personal note to your connection request using the dialogue box that appears. Every connection request should include a message to let the other person know who you are and why you wish to connect. Else, it can appear like you’re just connecting for the sake of increasing your number of LinkedIn connections. Click Done when you’re through with your personalised message.
  3.     In the top-left part of the My Network page, you’ll find your overall number of connections. Although some individuals assume that the amount of your LinkedIn connections is more important than the quality, the quality of your connections is more important. Having 50 good connections will help you advance your career far more than having 200 connections you don’t know well. This is just something to think about while you search for individuals for adding connections on LinkedIn.Latest Website magazineview and magzine

Tips for adding connections on LinkedIn

Make use of your current network.

Make sure to connect with individuals you already know when you initially build a LinkedIn profile. To discover friends, classmates, and colleagues, synchronize your contact lists and use LinkedIn’s search functionality.

Request introductions.

If you’re attempting to connect with someone you’ve never met, check if you have any mutual friends. If that’s the case, you can request an introduction from your contact. Explain why you’re asking for the introduction in a respectful manner and give your connection the option to reject if they are not comfortable with your request.

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Keep the relationship going.

Remember to maintain engagement with your connections after you’ve connected with them. Leave meaningful comments if they publish status updates. Post regular updates that they might find helpful. Try using automation tools to easily schedule your updates in advance for a more interactive approach.

If they ask for references or recommendations, try to respond as soon as possible. This should enhance your alliance, maybe opening doors to new prospects.

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