How to Create a Retrospective Mileage Log from Your Google Timeline History

Mileage tracking is an essential aspect of running a business because it allows you to accurately record the distances you’ve driven for business purposes. This data can then be used to build a business mileage log in order to claim tax deductions, reimburse employees, or for other financial reasons. However, manually tracking your mileage can be a time-consuming and tedious task. This is where the Google Timeline history and MileageWise integration come into play.

Google Timeline history is a feature that lets you view your location history on a map using GPS data from your device. MileageWise is an IRS-compliant mileage tracking app that lets you easily track your business mileage. When used together, these two tools provide a powerful and efficient mileage tracking solution.

This article will go over how to use Google Timeline history and MileageWise together to streamline your mileage tracking process, as well as why this combination is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Google Timeline History Import into MileageWise

To use Google Timeline history with MileageWise, first, import your location data into the app. To accomplish this, you must enable location tracking on your device and enable Google Timeline history in your Google account settings.

Here are the steps to import Google Timeline history using Google Takeout into MileageWise:

  1. Visit the Google Takeout page and log in with your Google account.
  2. Select the “Deselect All” button to clear all of the selected items.
  3. Scroll down and locate “Location History” under the “Google Maps” section.
  4. Click the checkbox next to “Location History” to select it.
  5. Click “All Location History” to select all of your location history data. Alternatively, you can choose a specific date range or individual location history files.
  6. Click “Next” to proceed to the next step.
  7. Choose your preferred export settings, such as file type, delivery method, and size.
  8. Click “Create Export” to generate your Google Takeout file.
  9. Once your export is ready, download the file and save it to your computer.
  10. Log in to your MileageWise account and click the “Import” button on the dashboard.
  11. Select “Google Timeline” as the import option.
  12. Follow the prompts to upload and import your Google Takeout file into MileageWise.
  13. Once the import is complete, your Google Timeline history will be available in MileageWise for you to use for mileage tracking and reporting purposes.

By importing your Google Timeline history into MileageWise, you can save time and streamline your mileage tracking process, ensuring accurate and reliable records for tax and reimbursement purposes.

Creating Retrospective Mileage Logs with Google Timeline History

The ability to create retrospective mileage logs is one of the most significant benefits of using Google Timeline history with MileageWise. This is especially useful if you haven’t been tracking your mileage in real time because it allows you to go back and create mileage logs based on historical location data.

Simply import your location history into MileageWise and use the app’s retrospective log creation feature to create accurate mileage logs based on previous trips.

The Advantages of Combining Google Timeline History and MileageWise

The combination of Google Timeline history and MileageWise provides numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes. These are some examples:

Automatic mileage tracking

You can track your mileage automatically with MileageWise, eliminating the need for manual input. This saves you time and effort while ensuring that your mileage logs are accurate and current. MileageWise’s automatic mileage tracker app is available on App Store and Google Play as well.

Retrospective log creation

Google Timeline history enables you to create retrospective mileage logs based on your historical location data in the MileageWise dashboard. If you haven’t been tracking your mileage in real-time and need to create accurate logs for tax or reimbursement purposes, this is a powerful resource.

MileageWise’s AI-powered Adwise function

an advanced feature of MileageWise that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically fill in the gaps in your mileage tracking. This means that if you forget to start tracking a trip or accidentally leave out some information, Adwise can analyze your existing data and use artificial intelligence algorithms to fill in the missing details.

Real-time tracking

If you prefer to keep track of your mileage in real-time, Google Timeline history and MileageWise make it simple. You can view your current location data on a map and create mileage logs based on it.

IRS-Proof mileage log

MileageWise is an IRS-proof mileage tracking app, which means that the IRS will accept your mileage logs for tax purposes.

Saving time

Combining Google Timeline history and MileageWise saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to manually track your mileage. This frees up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

To sum it up, the integration of Google Timeline history with MileageWise is a game-changer for mileage tracking as well as for creating an IRS-proof mileage log. It not only saves time and effort, but it also ensures accuracy and dependability when tracking mileage. This integration lets you quickly import your location history and convert it into an IRS-proof mileage log.

MileageWise is a powerful mileage tracking app that includes AdWise, retrospective log creation, and customizable categories, making it an ideal solution for self-employed professionals and small business owners. The app’s simple interface and detailed reports make it simple to track your business mileage and expenses while remaining IRS-proof.

You can further simplify your mileage tracking process by integrating Google Timeline history with MileageWise and take advantage of automatic tracking, retrospective log creation, AdWise capability, and customizable categories. This integration demonstrates MileageWise’s dedication to providing the best mileage tracking solution on the market.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly mileage tracking app that can help you save time and money, MileageWise is the way to go. You can be confident that you’re using the best tool to track your business mileage and expenses to prepare your IRS-proof mileage log, thanks to its powerful features and integration with Google Timeline history. Try MileageWise today and see for yourself the difference!



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