How To Find the Best Insurance In West Virginia In 2023

West Virginia has some of North America’s most spectacular cultural and natural attractions. It has a lifetime of sights to enjoy, from the historic Greenbrier resort to the mountain trails of Blackwater Falls State Park. However, you’ll need car insurance to drive legally if you’re strapping in for commuting to work or packing the SUV for a weekend camping trip.

West Virginians pay an average of $1,499 per year for full coverage car insurance, which goes a long way toward keeping drivers financially secure on the road. We looked at the top West Virginia auto insurance by market share to find the best car insurance companies based on industry-trusted third-party ratings and average quoted premiums.

Since 2000, AutoInsurance.org has been a free online resource for anyone interested in learning more about auto insurance. Their goal is to be an unbiased, third-party resource for auto insurance. They regularly update their website and have a directory of articles and guides to help you get started searching for the cheapest auto insurance rates.

State Farm

State Farm has a long history of providing excellent customer service and holds a high-rate score. However, this does not come at a cost because its policies are still significantly lower than the average state rate. State Farm continues to staff local offices, providing you with a dedicated representative to assist you with claims or additional coverage.

Significantly, you can manage your account online or via the State Farm mobile app, which allows you to access your policy information, file a claim, and request roadside assistance from the comfort of your smartphone.


J.D. Power gives Allstate one of the highest claims satisfaction ratings, a testament to its ability to manage and pay claims. If you have any questions about your policy, there are agents in 28 West Virginia cities that you can contact. Although its premiums are higher on average, an Allstate auto policy will likely include everything you need and some optional extras such as rental reimbursement. Numerous discounts are available, including savings for purchasing a policy in advance and joining its safe driving club.


Aside from its trusted household name, the first thing you’re likely to notice about Nationwide is its low average annual premium. West Virginia drivers will most likely find a low-cost full-coverage policy through Nationwide, providing extra benefits such as a repair network. It entitles you to a guarantee on any repair or replacement work performed by a Nationwide On Your Side repair center. Accident forgiveness and an annual vanishing deductible are also options for policyholders.


USAA received high marks but is not eligible for the J.D. Power ranking because it only provides products to military members and their families. USAA can provide the best car insurance for you and your family if you qualify. Active military members, including those on deployment, have dedicated coverage. And USAA is constantly improving its offerings. Recently, it launched SafePilot, a new safe driving program that allows West Virginia drivers to earn a premium discount of up to 30%.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Car Insurance Company

Almost all states mandate a minimum level of auto insurance, but drivers can increase their safety by purchasing more coverage. Since every driver has unique demands, every insurance company has different capabilities. The emphasis given to each factor varies depending on what you need as an individual while searching for the best auto insurance provider for your unique situation.

Check Trusted Third-Party Ratings

You can use verified third-party ratings to eliminate the guesswork in locating companies with excellent customer service and financial strength ratings. Using third-party data in your research gives you a more comprehensive approach to selecting a provider and provides unbiased data for your review.

Compare Insurance Quotes Based on Coverage

Based on various rating variables, including the kind of vehicle you drive, your driving record, and the particular coverage you choose, the typical cost of auto insurance can vary significantly between providers.

Comparing carriers reveals the differences in rates and which carriers provide the coverage options and discounts you require. To ensure you get the most accurate cost representation, compare quotes based on the same types of coverage and levels. Because you are not comparing the same coverage levels, comparing a minimum coverage policy with low liability limits to a full coverage policy with higher liability limits will not help you determine which is cheaper.

Consider The Experience

Another factor to consider in your search is how you will interact with a company once you have purchased a policy. Some people prefer to use a mobile app or an online portal, while others prefer to call representatives or visit a local agent.

If you prefer to do things digitally, choosing a company with a robust digital app that allows you to pay bills, request changes, and file claims may result in your continued satisfaction with company interaction. Wanting digital tools but selecting a company that does not provide an app or online portal may result in dissatisfaction.

Determine Your Unique Needs

You must first assess your requirements and financial situation to find the best car insurance company. Evaluating your circumstances may help you narrow your carrier options and focus on one that provides the required coverage options.

For example, if you are a cautious driver, you should look for a carrier that offers a telematics program. These programs monitor your driving habits and may provide a personalized discount if you drive safely. As long as you drive safely, you can reduce the rising car insurance rates that many drivers are experiencing.

Households with teen drivers may want to look for insurance companies offering discounts or programs tailored to young adults. If you prefer to keep your insurance as simple to manage as possible, finding a company that provides various products may allow you to combine more policies. There are infinite personal criteria for an auto insurance company, and understanding your unique perspective may help you determine which companies to investigate further.

Consider State Factors

Car insurance premiums mainly rely on where you reside and your ZIP code because each state has distinct road conditions, minimum regulations, and the possibility of catastrophic occurrences like storms or flooding. West Virginians pay a lower rate than the average American driver, possibly due to the state’s low accident rate. On the other hand, flooding is relatively common in the state and may increase the likelihood of claims, making providers with low full coverage premiums stand out.


Car insurance shopping can be intimidating, but matching your coverage and company to your needs is often a good strategy. Furthermore, shopping around may help you understand what a competitive rate for your policy looks like and may lead to cheaper coverage. Understanding your needs, researching, and comparing quotes across various metrics are the keys to finding the right company. When in doubt, consulting with an insurance agent can assist you in navigating the process.



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