How to Know If Your Pet Pup is Stressed Out?

There has been a lot of research on human behavioral issues over the years. Humans indeed experience anxiety at varying levels depending on the stimulus, and it is true that our canine companions can also feel the same. The difference is that we can verbally share the reasons for our anxieties while our furry friends can’t.

It is essentially why, when you are a dog parent, you are expected to notice your pup’s antics and hopefully recognize their distress calls. Once you realize the cause of your puppy’s stress, you may remove the stimulus, comfort your doggo, and make them feel as safe as possible. The signs of anxiety in dogs can also be because of potential health issues you may not be aware of yet.

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A few telling signs of anxiety in dogs

To tell when your puppy is exhibiting abnormal behavior, you must know how your pup usually behaves. When calm and composed, puppies have open and round eyes, weight on all of their legs, tail raised and front-facing, raised ears. They have a regular heart rate unless they return from playtime or exercise.


A trembling dog often paces or moves around in circles repeatedly. It is a sign of nervousness, and once the stressor is removed, your dog most likely gets back to normal.


In times of immense stress, your doggo’s adrenaline immediately shoots up in response to the external threats. The survival mechanism calls your pup to make a decision to escape, fight, or freeze. The associated physiological changes include an increased heart rate that manifests as panting freshersweb.com.


In simple terms, it is known as lip-smacking (dropping saliva from the mouth uncontrollably). It is a common symptom in dogs when they are nauseated.


Yawning can indicate one of the two – nervousness or exhaustion. Yawns due to fatigue are generally long and more frequent.


Puppies may dribble urine, pee, poop, or lose control over their bowels in response to enormous stress and anxiety. Sometimes pups may experience decreased appetite and even decline their meals/favorite treats.


One significant sign of stress in pets is hiding from the stressor. They stay away from whatever it is that is causing them trouble. Your pup may hide behind your legs, sofa, car, chair, etc. The puppy may get depressed, withdraw, and become less active. Observe what your pupper is looking at and what signs they are making to understand the reasons for anxiousness.


Some dogs may become excessively vigilant in confronting threatening situations. Dilated pupils, fast blinking, upright ears, stiff body, and tucking tail between legs are some signs indicating overwhelming stress.

These are some of the significant signs indicating your doggo’s stress. Meeting your vet can be the best thing to do when you cannot identify the cause of your panicky pet’s behavior. It can be a health issue as much as it seems like a behavioral one.

Pet insurance will cover your fur baby for a range of health issues and the non-routine vet visits, medications, diagnosis, and treatment that comes with them. However, it won’t cover treatment for behavioral problems. Have cheap dog insurance in the least to reduce your financial burden in times of unanticipated pet health problems.



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