How to Legally Prove Your Back Injury Following a Car Mishap in Paradise

A car accident-induced back injury is common. However, you have to prove your back injury with documentary evidence to claim damage from the insurance company. The insurer often tends to dub it as an ordinary thing not meriting substantial compensation.

Without any delay consult Naqvi Accident Injury Law attorney to fight the case on your behalf. Your attorney will prove documentarily that the injury suffered by you deserves higher compensation.

It is a very delicate matter from a legal angle. You should always go for an experienced lawyer or a law firm that has dealt with back injury compensation cases.

Here are five ways to prove your back injury for a higher insurance claim:

Show Your Medical Certificate

Your back injury caused by a car crash can be proved by furnishing the doctor’s certificate, and different physical examinations like X-Ray, CT Scan, and MRI. Such tests will prove the gravity of the injury. These are valid legal documents to support your claim.

Use Accident Site Report

The police report can testify about the actual scene of the accident. This certificate of police or First Information Report can prove your innocence in driving.

The report of police can establish you were driving as per traffic rules but the driver of the other vehicle who collided with your car violated the rules. Such a violent push to your car made you suffer from a back injury.

Collect Some Eye Witnesses

You must prove your innocence in driving to claim a higher compensation amount of damage. The eyewitnesses who saw the accident taking place can testify in court and also explain the scene of the accident.

They can help you legally prove you suffered a back injury due to the accident caused by the other driver. An expert lawyer hired by you can make the best use of the statements of eyewitnesses to make the case strong in your favor.

Background-Tracing of the Other Driver

Some car drivers drive very fast and tend to violate traffic rules. It results in accidents and injury to other drivers and commuters on the road.

Your attorney can trace the driving record of the concerned driver from the government department and police. If the driver had earlier committed similar accidents, your claim for higher compensation gets strength.

Prove DUI (Driving Under Influence)

Your attorney can prove that the other driver was drunk or talking to someone over a mobile handset while driving. When your attorney proves that it was the real cause of the mishap; you win the case.

In Conclusion

The back injury and compensation from the insurance company is a medico-legal issue. If you hire an expert and experienced lawyer, your case will be built on a solid foundation of arguments.

It can foil bids by the insurance company to deprive you of your compensation set at a higher side. Following an accident, it’s better to take legal help immediately without any delay.

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