How To Minimize Mild From Your Home

Mold can be devastating. It can create a myriad of issues. In most cases, mold can affect the breathing system. That’s why you should eliminate mold from your home. Use hydrogen peroxide to eliminate mold. Minimize stagnant water along the walls. Install pleated HVAC filters to purify the air you breathe. The following are top tips and tricks for eliminating mold from your home.


Get rid of excess moisture. Always keep your kitchen and bathroom dry. This will go a long way in preventing mold growth. Mold spores can sometimes get trapped in the air and get circulated throughout your home. That’s why you should wear protective gear while cleaning. Make sure your hands and arms are fully protected.

If the area affected by mold is too big, contact a professional. This will ensure that the mold is safely removed.

Additional Remedies

  • Hydrogen Peroxide– Get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and spray it on the affected area. Allow it to sit there for about ten minutes. Once you’re done, go ahead and scrub off the mold.
  • Vinegar- Dilute some vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Let it settle for one hour and then wipe it out using hot water.

From The Shower Tile, Grout

Keeping your shower tiles mold-free can be very difficult. The hot and cold conditions make them an excellent breeding ground for mold. But mild mold infestation can be eradicated with a grout cleaner and a mold remover.

Are your shower curtains made of plastic? If so, then be sure to find a spray that’s specifically intended for plastic. Spray it on your curtains or liners and wait for the stains to disappear. Finish the process by rinsing them with clean water.

From Walls, Ceilings

If your wall surfaces are too porous, it’s better to replace them. However, if the affected area is small, you can simply wash it with a detergent to get rid of the mold. Mix little chlorine with warm water and spray the mixture on the stains. Scrub it thoroughly and then wipe out the mold using a damp cloth.

From Wood Surfaces

In areas such as the kitchen, you might find a lot of molds. And this is particularly true if there’s poor ventilation. Remember, mold can easily grow on wood cabinets, furniture, and paneling.

To remove the mold, look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Take your time to vacuum the loose spores using the soft brush attachment. Mix some detergent with water and then apply the solution to affected surfaces. Wipe it out with a clean cloth. Don’t allow the wooden surface to remain wet as this could cause further damage.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let mold affect your health. Studies show that long-term mold exposure can affect your lungs and lead to breathing problems. Get rid of mold. Install the right air purifiers. Use the above tips and tricks to kick mold from your home today.



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