How to Save Money on Your Electrical Bill

Electricity is one of the basic amenities needed in a decent home. It’s a source of energy to get much work done in your home, such as heating, lighting, and powering your electronic gadgets, all of which are essential for decent human life. However, it comes with periodic payment as you connect your house to public electricity or you use a prepaid card. You can also switch to a more budget-friendly energy plan from texas electrical choice. In this article, I will be discussing 7 tricks you can adopt to help you cut electricity bill expenses and save some money for other purposes.


1. Adopt air-drying method to dry your washed dishes

Drying your dishes is a crucial duty that can be accelerated by heating after washing them. You can still accomplish this without turning on the heater, though. It saves electricity if you don’t use a heater to dry your dishes. According to the California Energy Commission, not using a heater can save energy use by 15% to 50%.

2. Use a fan

Another way you can cut energy usage and save some money off your electricity bill is to use a fan in many instances rather than the thermostat. It is generally known and technically true that a fan uses energy which is 10% less than that of an air conditioner, and is even healthy to receive its cool air.

3. Use a smarter bulb

You should consider switching to a smarter bulb, LED lighting, if you have not yet done so. It is technically proven that LED bulbs use energy which is 75% less than that of incandescent and last longer as well. You will find out that you have saved money after a long time of using a smart bulb.

4. Stop waste by using motion

Another way to reduce expenses on electricity bills is through the use of motion detectors. If a

person keeps moving the motion detector light shines and when no movement is sensed they would turn off. This ON and OFF automation would help save energy consumption and help in saving some money.

5. Keep your oven closed

While cooking with your oven, always ensure to keep the oven door closed so as to increase the pressure and thereafter aid to keep the internal temperature in the oven raised, such that lesser electric energy will just be sufficient to perform your cooking task. To look into the inside of the oven, rely on the window and the oven light so that you won’t need to open the door.

6. Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat has the ability to help you save some money off your energy bill.

Example of programmable thermostat include,

Best, Ecobee, Honeywell, etc. What it does is putting itself on only when it is needed, especially during the warmer seasons.

7. Check your thermostat location

As a rule of thumb in using a programmable thermostat is to mount it on the side of the wall where it is not unnecessarily hot, such as through sun radiation. This is because the programmable thermostat is triggered by raised temperature. Therefore, you are to place your thermostat where the temperature is according to your variable room temperature.



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