How to Start a Local Business in London

Considered one of the most active hotspots for businesses in the world, London in the United Kingdom is a centre for commerce, trade and retail. From the famous Oxford Street with big-name brands featuring their products, right through to the outskirts of the city with privately owned businesses and enterprises – the entire location is a bustling community of activity. For those wondering how to start a local business in London, we’ve decided to put together this brief guide to help you on your journey, from concept to registration with Companies House.

How Can You Start a Small Business in London?

One of the first things to do is to decide on a name, and then secure a location. Due to the huge rental costs the closer you get to the city centre, many people opt to use their home addresses to work from. Once you have these two details taken care of, you’ll be able to begin planning your businesses’ registration.

How Much Money Will You Need to Start a Small Business in London?

This will depend on what you want to do, be it sell products (in which case you’ll need to buy stock), or simply establish it as a legal entity. There are varying costs associated with starting a business, and these include the price to register the entity, and the fee to receive paperwork through the post. These costs will vary depending on whether you want to set up a limited company (LTD), a partnership (LLP), or begin as a sole trader.

How Do You Start a Small Business from Home in the UK?

In the UK, the HMRC is the governing body for taxes, but to register a business, you’ll need to do so through Companies House. This process can be lengthy, and so many people turn to third-party agencies such as Quality Company Formations for help with setting up their business. With an agency guiding you through the process, you’ll likely find everything much easier to understand.

What Business Could You Start with £1000?

With a starting budget of £1000, you could cover the costs of your company registration for under £150 in most cases, or possibly £200 in total if you hire an agency to handle your formation process. You could then place a deposit on a property to rent for a month, or purchase a variety of equipment such as a laptop and accessories (all of which can be claimed as expenses when paying tax).

Do Small Businesses Pay Tax in the UK?

Yes, and if you set up an LTD company, you’ll need a separate bank account which will be used for accounting and taxation purposes.

How Much Business Tax Will You Pay in the UK?

This will depend on how much you earn between the 6th of April and 5th of April the following year. For earnings between £12,501 and £50,000, tax is charged at 20%. Under this amount falls below the taxation threshold.

Where is the Cheapest Place to Start a Business in the UK?

London is the most expensive place to start a business in the UK, unless you have a home to use as an office. Liverpool and Manchester come joint second, with the cheapest places being more rural.

When setting up a business in London, it’s always advisable to seek the help of a certified company formation agency, who will be able to handle the technicalities and form submissions on your behalf.



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