How To Stay Hard After You Come?  

After having an orgasm, men enter the refractory period which is a period during which they are sexually irresponsive. The refractory period can have both physiological and psychological effects.

During the refractory period, an individual may not be interested in sex, or they might not be able to have sex. This period is comprised of the inability to attain an erection, orgasm, or ejaculate. But is it possible to sustain the erection even after ejaculation? Read on to the answer.

Biological Processes Occurring During Sex

  • The Beginning Stage – Arousal

Sexual arousal is the first and foremost response that results after mental and sensory stimulation. Arousal is a prerequisite to achieving an erection that is firm enough for indulging in sexual intercourse.

It leads to increased blood flow to the penile much more than normal, which expands and widens the penile to become erect.

  • Erection

After getting sexually stimulated, a male body physiologically responds through erection ยา PrEP. Men need constant stimulation to stay erect.

  • The Final Stage – Climax

After experiencing adequate stimulation, the climax arrives which culminates into an orgasm, and leads to ejaculation. After ejaculating, the penile returns to its usual state as the erection starts to fade, and the refractory period begins. During this period, it is not easy to attain another erection.

Ways to Sustain Erection After an Orgasm

Some techniques can help you to stay hard after having an orgasm. Also, some ways can help you to shorten the refractory period span to get an erection. But first, you need to understand the distinction between an orgasm and ejaculation.

Orgasm and ejaculation are experienced around the same time. However, both are stimulated due to two separate physiological processes. An orgasm results after reaching climax and it is a strong feeling that brings in intense pleasure whereas ejaculation happens at the same time, which involves the expulsion of semen from the penile.

A practice known as semen retention can help you to experience orgasms without ejaculating. This practice is quite common among men that engage in ancient sexual practices such as tantric sex. It can be difficult to master and needs intentional practice. Two techniques that can help you to stay hard after ejaculation, include:

  • Try Performing Some Proper Pelvic Floor Like Exercises or Kegels

You can also try some pelvic floor exercises or Kegels for sustaining blood flow to the reproductive organs. These exercises are extremely beneficial for men with erection problems.

Kegel exercises like issue shall be about helping to enhance the proper strength of the pelvic floor like muscles. This might be all about performing some proper exercises which shall be about commonly known as pelvic floor like exercises. Kegels are known for well promoting urinary continence and at the same time enhancing proper sexual health.

Proper performing exercises can also benefit men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence issues, and it helps address sexual dysfunction by allowing the penile for well-being engorging with some of the blood while being an erection, which shall be about using pump during ejaculation, and about helping the empty the urethra post urination. They might also make to perform orgasms which shall be more intense like an issue. And treat this issue with ed medication Tadarise for those who are affected severely.

How To Do It?

Control your flow of urine while urinating. By doing this, you will become more aware of the muscles involved in ejaculation. This will help you to prevent semen expulsion after having an orgasm. You will experience “dry orgasms” while your penile continues to remain erect.

  • Try Edging

This technique can also help you with semen retention and allows you to stay erect despite attaining orgasm. This technique requires discipline and some practice.

How To Do It?

All you have to do is to pay close attention to your body right before you ejaculate. The key here is to become familiar with this feeling, as you become aware of this sensation as it is progressing toward ejaculation, try to stop the stimulation right away.

This technique is intended to avoid ejaculating and helps men to sustain their erections for longer durations while having sexual intercourse.

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