How to Use URL Shortening for Marketing Purposes

URL Shortening is a technique that allows you to reduce the length of your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) while still directing users to the page they want. This technique works by rewriting a link from the long URL to a shorter one, which is then shared via the web. The short URL is then used in an email address or other advertising campaign. Its primary purpose is to make it easier for people to share your website.

URL shortening is an excellent

URL shortening ย่อลิงค์ is an excellent tool to keep track of the performance of your branded domain names. With this URL shortening service, you can easily track the number of human clicks for your branded domain name within the last 30 days. This is especially useful when your links have broken links. With Rebrandly, you can easily find out how many people clicked on your links within that time frame and make necessary corrections to your URLs.

Bitly and Rebrandly both offer branded domains. Branded domains are unique to your brand and can be bought from other websites. To use the branded domain, you must set up a DNS record for the domain and. Bitly also offers a premium account starting at $500 per month, which allows you to use unlimited short links and access more detailed reports have integrations with popular services. However, Rebrandly is more focused on customizing your short URLs.

The free plan of Rebrandly gives you as many URLs. As a result, you can save a considerable amount of money by using Rebrandly. Moreover, you can control the domain of your links, and you won’t run the risk of getting flagged by spam filters or being marked as spam. Another option to consider for your branded URLs. With this, you can set up your own URL shortening and tracking service for your website, Facebook page, or any other place.

You can create a free account with to start shortening

You can create a free account with to start shortening เว็บย่อลิงค์ your links. You can then access your shortened links later to see how they have performed. If you’d like to track how many people clicked on your links, you can upgrade to their premium account. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial. To use the premium features of, you will need to upgrade to a premium account.

The website interface of is modern and well designed. The main focus is on creating short links and offers a single text bar that allows you to paste in the URL you wish to shorten. Bitly also promotes advanced URL traffic statistics for brands and companies. There are several ways to use to shorten your links, including the Bitly API for mobile devices. Once you have signed up, you can save your links, monitor them, and even share them with your friends.

Apart from offering free URL shortening also offers branded links and integrates with popular social media management tools. Using is free, but you can upgrade to a premium account to brand your links and view all the relevant metrics. It is best for big businesses, but if you’re a one-person business, then the free version will work for you. However, it is suitable for individual use as well.

Using URL shortening for marketing purposes

Using shortening for marketing purposes will generate more traffic for your website. Not only will you get better click-through rates, but you’ll also be able to monitor metrics from every click on your shortened URLs. URL shortening can be used for both online marketing and social media. In addition to tracking click-through rates, T2M allows you to bulk-generate short URLs and customize links with your brand colors. And it lets you create custom base domains and custom redirects for 404 short URLs.

In addition, shortening also provides an extensive suite of branded domains, URL QR code, and dynamic QR codes. You can easily customize your short URLs through dashboard. Once you’ve registered, you can customize the name of your connection, add expiration dates, and monitor analytics. URL shortening is perfect for businesses and survey agencies. It can help you boost your SEO if used in conjunction with keywords.


Short URL lets you shorten long links with a single click. The service also offers sophisticated modification options to customize your short URLs, including embedding images and customizing the link status. In addition to shortening long links, T2M allows users to change the link status and password protect their shortened URLs. You can even make changes to the short URLs, such as removing unwanted characters.



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