How we produce SINGLETON single molt whisky


As we know SINGLETON is one of the oldest whisky distilleries in the history of Scotland for a long period of time. It was founded by Thomas Mackenzie on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands in 1838. The company produces and distributes single malt Scotch whisky in the name of Singleton. There are 5 types of alcoholic beverages or whisky is popular distilled by them. Which are Singleton of Dufftown 1988, Singleton of Dufftown 1985, The Singleton of Dufftown 25 year old, The Singleton of Dufftown 21 year old, Dufftown Aged 17 Years and last but not least The Singleton of Dufftown 15 year old.

In our singleton 12 whisky distillery facility we produce alcoholic beverage which is made out of fermented grains such as barley, corn, and wheat. Whisky is the popular alcoholic beverage enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It is originated from Scotland and Ireland in general. The process distilling our signature whiskey typically involves six steps. Which are described below:


For the first step of singleton is the wheat grains are washed and soaked in water to initiate the sprouting process. Then we set the temperature for the grains to germinate. At this period of time enzymes are produced they start to break down the grain’s starches into simpler sugars. It helps to make it easier to extract the alcohol during the brewing process. The germination process is halted by drying the grains in a kiln.


The grains are mashed and mixed with hot water to create sugary liquid called wort. The grains usually get mashed between rock discs. And those help the grain to break down. It is very important part of brewing signature singleton whisky.


Yeast is then added to the wort to initiate fermentation. During this process the sugars are converted into alcohol.  After fermentation the resulting liquid rests in big pots. It is known as a “wash”. Then it is distilled to increase the alcohol content and remove impurities from singleton whiskies.


In this process the alcohols gets separated from water. The liquid gets boiled up in an air tight pot. The alcohol gets evaporated and collected in another container. It is commonly known as distillation process. Here the experienced distiller determines the percentages of the alcohol. Commonly it is 40-45% about the signature singleton whisky.


In this step whisky interacts with the wood of the barrel made out of white oak. It imparts flavors and colors of the whisky. This process is influenced by various factors such as the type of wood been used. The size of the barrel is also important. Climate and the length of maturation also


The whisky that is to be bottled is carefully selected from casks that have been maturing for the desired length of time. The whisky is filtered to remove any remaining sediment or impurities that may be present. The filtered whisky is then transferred into individual bottles. Then it is sealed with a cork or screw cap. Each bottle is labeled with information about the whisky. The bottled and labeled whisky is then packaged in cases or boxes for shipping to retailers or distributors


Singleton 12  whiskey is often enjoyed neat as it is. Sometimes those served on the rocks. Although it can also be used as a base for many different types of cocktails for sure. It is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Sometimes it is served in a casual night at home to a formal occasion. However, as with all alcoholic beverages it should be consumed in moderation.



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