How will you choose the fish cleaning station for your needs?

There is no greater satisfaction than eating the fish you caught and cooked yourself. But there is no worse pain than cleaning fishing on questionable and unsafe surfaces. It is time to ditch the chopping boards and cooler combos for something more useful, like a Fish Cleaning Station. But the right cleaning station can reduce the amount of time you spend descaling, deboning and removing dirt. When choosing your next fish cleaning schedule, you can look at three different factors: portability, texture materials, and optional features.

Permanent vs Portable:

A permanent fish station installs directly on your deck or patio. And it is suitable for those who regularly prepare fish at home. Permanent stations often come with additional bells and whistles, such as sprinklers or cup holders, since they should all be in one spot. The permanent stations tend to be heavier and more resistant to the elements.

On the other hand, a portable fish table can be folded up and taken on the road. If you go on a fishing trip or spend most of your time at the marina, Portable desks tend to be cheaper and lighter than dock-mounted stations. However, it may not be stable or last long.

Surface material:

You might like the look of a high-end desk with a chopping board surface. The surface of a wooden block or cutting board is very porous, therefore easily trapping moisture and bacteria. There is a lot of regular maintenance. This makes it even more difficult due to the often heavy weight.

However, the surface is made of stainless steel, and HDPE is easier to clean. These materials are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food contact and will not rot or decay over time.

In addition to the material, be careful with table surfaces with small cracks or fissures. Around screws or joints, these tiny areas are difficult to clean and harbour bacteria. You can look for tables that advertise a completely flat surface.

Optional features:

One of the proper Fish Cleaning Station doesn’t require any additional features. But sprayer, tool storage, drawers or it consist of holder for cup which adds the good look for the station. The common additional features you of fishing cleaning station are given by,

  • Sprayer: some of the fish cleaning station have sinks and faucets to aid in the cleaning procedure. Others stations consist of sprayer are attached to the water hose for cleaning.
  • Knife shelf: A table may have a built-in knife shelf or a removable caddy. So you can make sure to have proper storage containers for transportation.
  • Storage shelves: These features are ideal for storing things. But please note that the portable fish cleaning table weight may be affected.
  • Water glass holder: It consists of water glass holder to hold the water glass. It helps you drink water while cleaning process. You must keep in mind that not to drink while handling the sharp knives.

For the proper cleaning, you will need specific tools to get the job done. Of course, sharp knives and similar tools are essential for descaling and gutting. The fish cleaning station gives you a designated area to ensure all this mess is concentrated in one spot.

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