I Tried PanOxyl Acne Products & Was Amazed By The Results! 

Imagine a scenario where someone has to hide their face when they’re in public and not because of covid-19! No, the need to cover the person’s features was because of the sheer embarrassment they were feeling about their latest round of breakouts. Yep, you’ve guessed it – that was my life – until I had the fortune to try acne products from a company called PanOxyl

I’d always been of the view that I didn’t need what I thought were toxic chemicals to fight my breakouts. As far as I was concerned, controlling my diet, combined with a skincare routine, was enough to keep things at bay. I was kidding myself, as those spots just kept on coming. 

My Sister Told Me To Try Another Way

My sister had had the same problems as me, and one day, when I was particularly crabby about my complexion, she told me to try some acne-controlling products. The brand was PanOxyl, and despite at first throwing my hands up in protest, I’d had enough, so I gave in. 

I wasn’t going to jump in head first, so I decided to do some research into the products she was suggesting and here’s what I found out…

  • Most acne products contain something known as benzoyl peroxide (BP), which works by killing P Acnes bacteria 
  • BP is clinically proven to beat acne, and it’s safe
  • It’s something that dermatologists recommend
  • It’s been around a long time, having been invented in 1934
  • It’s available without prescription
  • BP can damage your skin if you’re sensitive to it

This all sounded nice – but I expected it to. I knew that the only way I was going to be convinced was when I saw and felt what the products did to my skin. 

Now, I Didn’t Expect That! 

I’d read some horror stories about the complications some had when using BP washes and cleansers, so I was braced for some discomfort. I went with a 4% strength (one of the lower ones) PanOxyl foaming wash and used it as directed. While I felt a mild tingling sensation, that was all. 

Afterwards, my skin had never felt so clean! What’s more, my skin felt balanced, and that was after just one wash. I continued using it as part of my daily routine, and slowly but surely, my spots became less angry and frequent. 

Pimples were still coming through – which is apparently normal – but they weren’t as red and obvious, which pleased me no end. Fast-forward just 6 weeks, and the results were staggering. The only thing I was annoyed about was that I hadn’t tried them sooner. 

I’m No Salesperson, but PanOxyl Gets My Vote!

Having been so against using a product like this for so long, you could say that I was not someone who was going to be easy to convince otherwise, but convinced I was. You can’t argue with the results that they offer, and so I say to anyone as reticent as I was, don’t worry. 

The only caveat I’ll place on this would be to say that you should take the time before using BP products to identify the right strength. I was lucky in that I found my level the first time of asking, but after spending a lot of time on acne-based forums talking to others, I learnt that some have to go through a little trial and error first. 

All I’ll say before I finish is that you shouldn’t be a dummy like me. Be open to new things, as otherwise, you might miss a solution to your problem that’s right under your nose.  



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