Improve Your Spelling Skills

Every person has a few words they have trouble spelling. So, how do you get better at spelling, without using a spell-checking program? There are many strategies you can apply for improving your spelling and they’re much more straightforward than you imagine.

Improve Spelling Skills Every Day

Making progress in spelling can be a difficult task. Make sure to practice your spelling often and read as many books as you can and you’ll discover yourself using the dictionary less often. Look over nine fun spelling games to play in the classroom when you’re ready to test your student’s understanding in a fun and engaging manner.

Read More Books

As you continue to read the more words you read, the more they will begin with “feel” right or wrong. After a few years of practice, you’ll be able to develop an accurate understanding of when to examine the spelling of an item from the dictionary likely. It is also the best method to discover the phonetic nature of English and to avoid mistakes in pronunciation.

Memorize Sight Words

Sight words are words that aren’t always spoken out. To be able to learn the words, you have to save them in your mind. These words vary from short (such as “been” or “the”) to lengthy (such as “people” or “impossible”). After you’ve finished with the Dolch-like sight word you can try sight words and sentences that will improve your spelling and reading proficiency.

Test Yourself

Utilize a range of resources to help you prepare and test your skills using flashcards for vocabulary as well as word lists for spelling competitions. Take a list of vocabulary words to test yourself while waiting in line to get something. You can then take our spelling-bee quizzes to test how much you’ve done!

Also, you can try to use some online free spell-checking tools like this one.

Learn Common Prefixes and Suffixes

Many English words have Greek as well as Latin origins and attach. If you can memorize these words spelling becomes simpler. Make use of a list of essential suffixes to master how to write common word endings and then proceed to important suffixes to move on. When you’ve learned to spell the roots correctly and correctly affix them, you’ll know most English words!

Keep Track of Tricky Words

Certain words are difficult to spell. “Refrigerator” really sounds like it needs to have a “d” in it somewhere and nobody is really sure about whether “judgment” should have an “e” or not. Utilize a writing notebook or a cheat sheet to note down frequently misspelled words that you have trouble with or stumble across. It is also possible to add words with spellings that are unusual to help you learn more easily.

Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are tricks that are used to remember a particular part of information. Spelling is an excellent reason to use mnemonics because the majority of spelling is dependent on memory. You can make use of common illustrations that mnemonics are used to aid in improving your spelling abilities or make some of your own spelling techniques to remember difficult spelling rules.

Be Aware of Spelling Exceptions

After you’ve mastered all the spelling rules of English certain words will go and violate those rules! While some words follow the spelling pattern Many words just retain their spellings in their native languages. A lot of older English words are, for example, hard to master without memorizing their peculiarities. Be aware of the differences in American as well as British spellings and also.

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