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If you’re looking for a legal p2p network to download movies, Public Domain Torrents is the place for you. Using BitTorrent technology, you can download a wide range of films, including classics and new releases. Many of these movies are even available for mobile devices, such as PDAs, Sony PSPs, and Apple IPODs. There’s no limit to the number of movies you can download, either. All films on Public Domain Torrents are in the public domain, so you won’t be paying a penny to the creator of the film.

Another site that allows you to download movies for free is the Internet Archive. This site specializes in public domain movies, with 9,674 movies available for download. The website also offers a wide variety of ebooks and music. However, before downloading any torrent, you should check the copyright information. If you see that it violates copyright, you can report the file to the website’s moderator. Otherwise, you can be confident that public domain movies and videos are completely legal.

Another site that focuses on public domain movies is Public Domain Torrents. This website offers a comprehensive list of free movies in the DiVX format. While the site has a large library of movies, it doesn’t have an easy search function. Instead, you can use the “SHOW ALL” link to search for specific movies.



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