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20 Useful InfoGraphic Design Examples

Using Infographics, in a strategic manner, can help in creating attractive demonstrations. That is the reason that you see several professional developers making use of infographics, on their websites, to communicate with the viewers. Here, I will discuss fundamentals of infographics. I have seen many people making a few basic mistakes. Don’t worry with the help of this post; you will be able to rectify most of the minor errors.Now, let’s have a look at some of the essential tips.

Keep Target Audience in Mind

You can develop a killer info graphic by figuring out the expectations of your audience. It is okay to come up with something that is interesting and popular. But the most important factor is to address the demands of your audience. For example, we know that currently the news of finding water on mars is very hot. Can you include this piece of news over a website based on clothing and designing? The answer is NO! This piece of news will be available on different general knowledge, space study related and similar news blogs or websites. Make sure that the infographics that you choose are completely relevant. It’s okay if, you are not able to work on a wide range of different info graphic topics at the simultaneously! All you need to do is keep it simple, targeted, relevant, specific and attractive.

Keep Your InfoGraphics Simple

Infographics designers have the advantage of expressing their ideas with the help of simple visuals. There is no need to go for lengthy descriptive blogs. So, why not make use of this element in the most beneficial manner? Don’t go for a complex visual illustration. Your graphics must be striking. You can make use of three or more multiple infographics; in order to convey your idea, message, service or product.

Remain Focused

Simplicity is the key to success. Don’t include a lot of diverse figures and facts at the same place. Stay focused towards one subject and streamline, the graphics for better transmission of information. Designers need to understand that infographics are not about gathering random data numbers at the same place for the sake of presentation. It is actually all about creating focusing on a single point.  In this post, you will see different samples that will help in developing focus.

Take Benefit from the Visual Presentation

Infographics are actually more about the graphic content and less about the text information. But, it is important to keep a fair balance between the visual figures and written content. You can make use of the relevant icons and images.

Advertise it in the Right Manner

Overconfidence or extreme expectations can disappoint you. It is important to keep in mind that even if you make any interesting or really awesome infographics, they won’t go viral at once. Like any other content or subject infographics also need to be promoted. You might need help from influential sources and request them to promote your infographics. Also make sure that info graphics can be shared easily with the help of social plug-ins. You can even ask your viewers, users and general audience to share the info graphic. If you are going to develop something great, make sure that it gets the desired appreciation. Don’t let your work remain unheard of. Use all the publicity tools that you can for promoting it.

Allow the InfoGraphics to be Viewed Easily

During the process of resizing the original charm of the graphics will fade away. It is important to choose the images, font size and style in a sensible manner. Your audience must not have any difficulty in reading the content and viewing the image. Most of the developers use 600 pixels.

Add Some White

Try developing different info graphics and make sure that you learn something new every time. You must give some white space in your info graphic. It actually helps in adding balance to the overall graphics and maintains the concentration. Too many dark or dense colors will distract a viewer after few seconds.

Develop an Interesting Headline

Your info graphic must have a killer headline. Without the presence of some interesting content,your info graphic will be worthless. A well devised headline will describe the info graphic instantly and grab the attention of users. Also make sure that you cite all the sources from which, you are taking information. Not only this, but make sure that the sources are authentic and up-to-date. Let’s see the 20 best infographic examples.

1.  VISA Infographics

VISA infographics

It is one of the best design sources for info graphic. I learned a lot about the basic process of designing a visa. There are also some interesting tips that you need to note and apply. Just notice how the designer has made use of visual description technique in a flawless manner.

2. Free Infographic Brochure Template | AI

Free Infographic Brochure Template

Want to learn how to design brochures? It is a perfect source for learning how to design brochures that are packed with info graphics.

3. Agricultural Infographics

Agricultural infographics

It is a great source for all those, who are related to the field of agriculture. Designers will come to know how to describe and make viewers understand the concepts with the help of visual graphics.

4. Design Explorer – Infographic & Illustration about me

Design Explorer - Infographic & Illustration about me

5. Empty Nest

Empty Nest

6. 30 Shots Infographic

30 Shots Infographic

A simple website meant for the beginners. Try this if; you have just stepped into the world of info graphic designing.

7. World Expo-2015

World Expo-2015

8. Illustration Roundup: June 2015

Illustration Roundup

Info graphics and illustration! It’s an amazing combination.

9. Military Infographics

Military infographics

Some really useful military info graphics out there!

10. Forest Infographics

Forest infographics

11. Brewing Infographics

Brewing infographics

Really useful and informative!

12. Infographics for Corporate Monthly Bulletin

Infographics for corporate monthly bulletin

I must say that it’s an amazing info graphic project!

13. E-Waste Market Infographics Enviromental Vibes

E-Waste market infographics

14. M2M Infographics

m2m Infographics

A detailed and extremely useful info graphic project! Kudos to the designer!

15. Disney Infographics

Disney infographics

It’s an exciting website for all those, who want to learn how to get smart info graphic promotional stuff for kids.

16. Email Marketing & Social Media Infographic

Email Marketing & Social Media Infographic

Extremely handy and to the point!

17. History of Life

History of Life

That’s called a real effort! I think the process of explaining and learning can become very easy with such info graphics.

18. Apptown Infographics

Apptown Infographics

19. Ultimate Infographics Pack

Ultimate Infographics Pack

20. 100 Years of Iconic British Style

100 Years of Iconic British Style

Have you find the ideas to design your own InfoGraphic Design ? Let us know using the comments below. Share your insights on your approach to such complicated design. It will be helpful for a lot of poeple including us.

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