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sample shot of firework photography

25 Inspirational Examples of Firework Photography

Fireworks are quite fascinating to watch and they are mostly used for celebrating any major event. Amazing displays of firework are held thorough the world on New Year. At this occasion photographers come into action and get their lenses ready for some amazing clicks. Taking the right photographs is very important and when it comes to fireworks, extra care needs to be taken. It is not possible for some people to capture the fireworks, as they don’t have proper knowledge and experience. Apart from the few special settings on your camera, you need to note the perfect angle and length of any shot. Most of the firework shots are distant shots and they can be somewhat challenging.

To capture a firework, you will need to adjust the focal length of the camera frame to have a better shot. Professional photographers recommend using a wide angle lens in order to get hold of the shot, right as the fires light the night sky up. You will need to wait for the right moment in order to get the best picture. Doing some experiments on your own will help in taking the perfect shots. If, you take an image with the help of wide lens, you can always get rid of the huge dimensions of the picture by cropping it. Experienced photographers don’t make use of the editing tools to develop an interesting image. They use proper techniques and settings to get a satisfactory image. Let’s see a few important firework photography tips.

I. Select the right lens

Having the right lens is very important for firework photography. You cannot manage to get excellent images by having a poor quality or petty lens. There are certain functions in professional lens that allow, you to capture long and well focused pictures. Excellent results can only be expected after adjusting the lens. There are two settings MF and AF. MF setting must be used while capturing the fireworks and AF once you are done.

II. Adjust the shutter speed

Adjusting the shutter speed for firework photographs is very important. You will need a lengthy shot of few seconds to capture the colorful, sharp and sleek trails of fireworks. It is all a matter of seconds and you will need to act quickly. In the beginning, it will take some time to adjust the shutter speed. You can try different experiments and then develop your own sense and skill of firework photography. Your sense of creativity will help in coming up with some interesting shots.

III. Don’t shake the camera

Invest in a tripod stand and capture still images. Fireworks need to be captured in a perfect manner, as any mistake could lead to poor picture quality. You can use a cable release and control the shutter movement easily. Many experienced photographers are using the professional remotes for digital cameras.

IV. Just take the right photographs

Bulb exposure technique is the best for taking different firework explosions at the same time. In bulb exposure, you will actually take a lengthy shot and use the camera in manual mode. You need to adjust the shutter speed yourself and make sure that you get the proper settings done, under the bulb mode.

1. Singapore sports hub

It is an amazing photograph of fireworks in urban area. Just notice the techniques used by the photographer to take multiple firework explosions. It is one of the most challenging firework shots.

Singapore sports hub

2. Sydney Harbor Bridge

It is a famous place and well, you can just see the sheer amount of beauty captured in one picture. One thing unique about this picture is its camera angle. Why don’t you try your luck?

Sydney Harbor Bridge

3. Camogli in Festa

A prime example of long exposure shot. Amazingly it has turned out quite well.

Camogli in Festa

4. Cologne New York Lights

Don’t you see the beauty of this picture? Well the lights and the fireworks are all amazing to note. The effort placed by the photographer is worth all the appreciation.

Cologne New York Lights

5. Street Firework

An ordinary display of firework, but it has resulted in an amazing photograph.

Street Firework

6. Putrajaya New Year Firework

It is probably the New Years Eve and a good example of firework and waterscape photography. You need to try such shots to master different aspects of photography.

Putrajaya New Year Firework

7. Bright Fireworks

Out and about and celebrating with fireworks, it is one of the most indulging and well shot firework explosions.

Bright Fireworks

8. New Year Firework

Check the color blends and how the photographer has managed to take a perfect height.

New Year Firework

9. Spectacular firework

It is one of the simple yet most colorful firework photographs.

Spectacular firework

10. Fireworks at night

Fireworks at night

11. Camogli Fireworks

Camogli Fireworks

12. Zaragoza

It is a perfect sample of waterscape, night time and firework photography. You can check the skills of the photographer.


13. HDR Firework

It is a colorful shot. You can see a wide range of colors and an interesting show of fireworks. I would say that it is one of the most daring shots.

HDR Firework

14. Albufera Fireworks

Not everyone knows how to come up pleasant and warm firework shots. This picture is a clear example of various wonders that photography can do.

Albufera Fireworks

15. Bosporus Bridge

The Bosporus Bridge seems extremely interesting all of a sudden. You need to note the quality of lens and the exposure maintained in this still.

Bosporus Bridge

16. Colorful fireworks

Just like a rainbow they are colorful and spectacular.

Colorful fireworks

17. Small fireworks

Small fireworks can appear interesting too, with the help of right photography skills.

Small fireworks

18. Amazing Fireworks

Amazing Fireworks

 19. Amazing capture

Amazing capture

20. Fireworks reflection

Just notice the development of colors during firework photography. It is one of the finest shots that I have seen. You need to capture this shot too with the right angle and moment.

Fireworks reflection

21. Amazing colors

Amazing colors

22. Raining Fireworks

It is just one of those lucky moments that you are able to come up an interesting photograph of this level. A wide lens, tripod stand, long exposure and the right skills and technique result in such an amazing shot.

Raining Fireworks

23. Fireworks and lighthouse

Fireworks and lighthouse

24. Multi color fireworks

Multi color fireworks

25. Full moon and fireworks

Wait for the full moon and come celebration for this breathtaking picture.

Full moon and fireworks

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