Installing of two copies of the app in Android without difficulties

Android on smartphones like OnePlus and Samsung has the ability to launch two copies of the same app simultaneously. In this article, we would like to tell you about special programs for this and about their essence.

Findclone service is a useful service to find your counterparts. You can install this program on your smartphone or tablet just like the other ones. However, we would like to tell you about some programs that will help you install their copies without difficulty.

Multiple copies of the same app on Android

The feature of creating multiple copies of the application is not available for all Android devices. Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones will help you do this, but if your smartphone does not have this feature, then there are some ways you can do it anyways. For this, a special app will help you.

So, Samsung has this feature called Dual Messenger, which works perfectly on any phone of this brand. You should use this step by step to make it work, and then you can achieve your goal without difficulty! Here are a few steps you should take to get your program a correct duplicate:

    1. Visit the Settings app.
    2. Swipe down for Utilities and tap Parallel Apps.
    3. There, you can read the list of those programs that can be duplicated. If you don’t see any app there, it means you will not succeed.
    4. Select the app you need and click on the on button.
    5. This is an instant process, during which your smartphone will create a copy of this program without your intervention.

A duplicate of the primary program will have the same set of features and settings, however, you will be able to use this option quite differently than the original app. Moreover, you will be able to use your Google account with this duplicate, and the two apps will not mix and make you experience any difficulties.

Other features

The smartphone or tablet on Android has different directives and libraries of data for the first and second app. That’s why you’ll surely find this information easily. Also, we hope you won’t get entangled in their settings because of this. However, if you are concerned about this, we suggest you download a special file manager for Android that will help you interact with your local storage. These are useful apps that you can download via Google Play.

Not every program can be cloned. So, Google Chrome does not have the ability to get a duplicate, although we hope that this is temporary and someday the developers will fix this factor.

However, you can disable and even delete duplicate programs that you installed too. It won’t take you long and you’ll do it with ease. So, you should visit Settings of your phone or tablet, and then go to the software section. All you need to disable the program and suspend its functioning is tap on the Off button. After that, your mobile device will remove this duplicate and all the information that belongs to it. We should note that the original program will not change because of this.

With the ability to duplicate a program, you can use one or more accounts on your smartphone via the original app and its duplicate. Now that this feature is integrated into your system, you can forget about finding a special tool to create duplicates of particular software. This is an easy procedure that you can perform by pressing a pair of buttons.

So now you know how you can clone any available program on your smartphone or tablet on Android. We hope you have no more questions, but if you need any advice on this issue, we welcome you in the comments below this article. We wish you comfortable use of your mobile device.



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