Is It Wise to Protect My Face With Sunscreen Stick?

If you’re one of the surprising numbers of people who’ve never used a sunscreen stick before, this blog is for you, as in it, we look at the pros and cons of using one of your face.

It may have caught your attention that there are so many face sunscreen options out there that it can be tricky to determine the right choice. Also, given that it’s something that should be used day in, and day out, regardless of the weather, it’s an important question to answer.

Here are the Pros of Using a Sunscreen Stick On Your Face 

First of all, one of the best characteristics a sun stick provides is a mess-free experience – something that lotion users have to put up with. That means no more sunscreen-stained clothing, lotion in your eyes by accident and globs of the stuff ending up all over the place.

Other benefits of using it on your face include:

  • Simpler to avoid getting the eyes – due to its solid nature, you won’t get that unpleasant stinging sensation that comes with doing so. Interestingly, the statistics show that many people neglect to apply sunscreen properly around the eyes because of this very reason. 
  • Lightweight = fewer breakouts – another advantage of using a sunscreen stick is that it’s generally lighter and much less likely to block the pores and lead to pimples as those blockages become infected.
  • Super convenient – generally speaking, sun protection sticks are much smaller than lotion bottles, meaning they’re easier to take with you when you go out. The result? You’ll take it with you more often than not and not end up neglecting to apply it. 

The Drawbacks of Sunscreen Stick 

As with anything, there are pluses and minuses to using a stick, with the first being more difficulty in getting an even spread. Not only can it be tricky to apply it evenly, but you’ll also need to go over the same areas multiple times to make sure you’re properly safeguarded – up to 4 times is not uncommon.

Other drawbacks include: 

  • Difficulty in knowing what you’ve already covered. It may vary from product to product, but typically a stick will go on invisible. Great, you might say, no streaks! Brilliant, yes, but it can make it tough to see which areas you’ve yet to cover. 
  • Can be confused with other products. Another minor issue with a stick is that it can look quite a lot like other cosmetic products. Lotion bottles look like lotion bottles, but a stick can look a lot like your deodorant, so don’t be surprised if occasionally you accidentally apply under your armpits without realising. 

Sunscreen Stick – Face Protection Well Worth Considering

Whether you’re someone who loves going to the beach or you just want to protect your skin against day-to-day UV damage, both sticks and lotions offer an effective solution.

The wisdom of using one or the other can come down to personal preference, so perhaps your takeaway from reading our article should be that you should at least consider a stick, along with the other options.

It’s not just a product to use with your kids and it does come with a number of advantages. Who knows, you might even find that using both works for you! 



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