Jolly July: KFC Spreads Cheer with Christmas in July

Who says Christmas celebrations only have to happen in December? KFC is bringing the festive spirit to July with their "Christmas in July" campaign. Get ready to spread some cheer and indulge in some delicious holiday-themed goodies.

KFC’s Christmas in July: Spread the Cheer!

KFC’s "Christmas in July" campaign is all about spreading the festive cheer during the middle of the year. The campaign aims to bring back those nostalgic Christmas memories and create new ones with friends and family. With the pandemic still looming, KFC wants to help people find joy and happiness in small moments.

KFC’s marketing director, Clark Wilson, says that the "Christmas in July" campaign is all about creating a sense of togetherness and bringing back the joy of the holiday season. KFC is encouraging their customers to make memories with loved ones and take advantage of the festive menu items on offer.

Celebrate Jolly July with KFC’s Festive Menu!

No Christmas celebration is complete without some delicious food, and KFC has got you covered with their festive menu. The menu includes festive items such as the Festive Burger, which is a succulent chicken fillet coated in a crispy, golden crumb, topped with cheese, lettuce, and tomato, all served in a festive red bun.

Other festive menu items include the Festive Box Meal, which comes with a Festive Burger, fries, and a drink. KFC is also offering Christmas-themed desserts such as the Mince Pie Krusher, which is a delicious blend of ice cream, fruit mince, and KFC’s signature Krushem.

KFC’s "Christmas in July" campaign is the perfect way to bring some festive cheer to your summer. Indulge in some delicious holiday-themed goodies and create new memories with your friends and family.

Whether you’re a fan of Christmas or just looking for a fun way to spend your summer, KFC’s "Christmas in July" campaign has got something for everyone. So, gather some friends and family, and let’s spread some cheer this Jolly July.



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