Kate Bush Running up That Hill (a Deal with God)

Kate Bush’s 1985 single "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)" is an iconic song that has been praised for its lyrical depth and musical complexity. The song was a massive success, reaching the top of the UK Singles Charts and being lauded by critics and fans alike. With its powerful lyrics and emotive music, the song has become a classic of the 1980s.

Running Up That Hill

"Running Up That Hill" is a song about two people trying to make a deal with God to switch places, so that each can understand the other’s struggles. The song is driven by a powerful, driving beat and evocative synths. Bush’s vocals are equally powerful and emotive, conveying the desperation of the characters in the song. The lyrics are filled with imagery and metaphor, making it a lyrically complex and engaging song.

A Deal with God

The song’s title, "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)", is a reference to the characters in the song attempting to make a deal with God to switch places. The song’s lyrics explore the idea of understanding one another’s struggles, and the chorus contains the line "If I only could, I’d make a deal with God, and I’d get him to swap our places". This line encapsulates the song’s theme of understanding and empathy, and has become one of the most iconic lines from the song.

The song also contains religious imagery, such as a reference to the Garden of Eden. The characters are asking God to give them the strength to overcome their struggles, and the song is a powerful and emotive plea for understanding and empathy.

Kate Bush’s "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)" is an iconic song that has been praised for its lyrical depth and emotive music. The song’s powerful lyrics and emotive music have made it a classic of the 1980s, and its themes of understanding and empathy have made it a timeless classic.

The song “Running up That Hill (A Deal with God)” by Kate Bush is rightly considered one of the most iconic, beloved and influential songs of the past four decades. The song, originally released in August 1985, is an emotionally powerful and energetic record that portrays a strong and determined female protagonist.

The song is a highly complex blend of various musical genres which blend together to create an uplifting and captivating sound to match its meaningful and memorable lyrics. The bass, drums, and keyboards combine to form the backdrop of the song, carrying the dramatic melody and chorus. Kate Bush’s signature high-pitched vocal delivery reiterates and cements the powerful message of the song.

At its core, the song is a plea for people to find understanding and empathy for one another. It expresses a strong desire for parity in relationships – that “we” could “swap shoes” and exchange places so they can “feel how it feels” rather than expect the other party to ‘know what it’s like’ or ‘put themselves in the other’s shoes’.

The song was an immediate hit when it was released and remains a top hit to this day. Even 35 years later, its evocative lyrics and energetic beat continues to inspire us to look beyond our own perspectives and be more tolerant of the differences in others. A perfect blend of sorrow and hope, Running up That Hill (A Deal with God) is exemplary of Kate Bush’s songwriting ability and lasting influence.



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