Kathie Lee’s Love Life: Who’s Her Lucky Beau?

Kathie Lee’s Love Life: Who’s Her Lucky Beau?

Kathie Lee Gifford is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. She has been in the limelight for many years, and her fans are always curious about what’s going on in her life. Recently, there have been rumors about Kathie Lee’s love life. People have been speculating about who her new beau might be. In this article, we’ll spill the tea on Kathie Lee’s love life and introduce you to her lucky new love interest.

Kathie Lee Spills the Tea: Is She Dating Again?

Kathie Lee has been a widow for some time now. Her beloved husband, Frank Gifford, passed away in 2015. After her husband’s death, Kathie Lee took a break from dating, focusing on her family and career. However, recently, she revealed on her talk show, "Today with Hoda and Jenna," that she is dating again.

Kathie Lee didn’t spill the tea on who her new beau is, but she did give fans a hint. She described him as a "gentleman," and someone who "makes her feel cherished." She also mentioned that they met at a mutual friend’s dinner party. Kathie Lee has always been private about her personal life, but it’s clear that she’s happy and excited about her new relationship.

Meet the Man Behind Kathie Lee’s Smile: Her New Love Interest

Kathie Lee’s new love interest is a mystery man, but we do know a few things about him. According to sources, he’s in his 60s, just like Kathie Lee. He’s successful, kind, and treats Kathie Lee like a queen. He’s also been accepted by Kathie Lee’s children, which is a big deal for her.

Kathie Lee’s new beau is a widower, just like herself. They share a common bond, and it’s clear that they understand each other’s pain. Even though they’ve only been dating for a short time, it’s clear that they have a strong connection. Kathie Lee’s friends and family are happy to see her smiling again, and they all think that her new beau is a perfect match for her.

Kathie Lee’s love life is always a topic of interest for her fans. After being single for a while, she’s finally found love again. Her new beau is a mystery man, but it’s clear that he’s making Kathie Lee very happy. We wish Kathie Lee and her new love interest all the best and hope that they continue to make each other feel cherished.

Kathie Lee Gifford is no stranger to the spotlight— from hosting morning talk shows and singing her classic power ballads to advocating for animal rights and acting as a role model for many women all throughout her career. But despite being a public figure in every sense of the word, she’s been quite coy about her personal life, especially when it comes to who she’s sharing it with.

Although Gifford has been open about the trials and tribulations of her failed marriage with Frank Gifford, she’s kept her current relationship on the DL— which, of course, hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The speculation surrounding her romantic life only intensified when Gifford revealed that she was in a relationship during a March 2018 episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna— yet she refused to reveal the suitor’s identity. “My friends and family like it this way,” she said, before adding, “After what I’ve gone through, it’s truly a blessing”.

Speculation only mounted when Gifford was photographed in Rome with a mystery man in October 2018. Rumors of their identity heightened when Gifford was asked about her romantic life in the Italian interview to which she replied “he’s a lucky guy”.

It would seem that Gifford’s lucky man is Randy Cronk, an Ohio-native who she first met years ago at her church. The couple made things official when Cronk moved in with Gifford in a Bel Air mansion in 2019 and the pair have since been spotted at lovey-dovey events ranging from special date nights to charming hikes.

Although Kathie Lee Gifford’s life has taken her on quite the roller coaster ride— one thing that’s remained constant is her love and dedication to her partner. Here’s hoping their relationship continues to bring them much joy and happiness.



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