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light balls

33 Examples of Long Exposure Photography for Inspiration

Long exposure photography is related to the photography theme that is used to blur the moving objects and make still objects sharp or moved in the frame. You would simply need to position your camera on tripod so it doesn’t shake or replace when you are capturing photos. I am going to share some breathtaking examples of long exposure photography that will amaze you for a while. I am sure you would love these examples either you are a photographer or just a fan of photography. For your inspiration, this collection of 30 shots will help you get brilliant ideas for your own albums/portfolio. Check out below!

1. Blur Blue

There are several ways to use the long exposure times for instance, you can blur everything in the frame or simply take a still night without moving objects. You can get the spectacular effects commonly when you join moving and still objects in the frame.  Check this example!


2. Bridge

Long exposure technique is much famous, however, it is known as the most difficult type of photography that needs comprehensive skills to practice a moment in several styles. See how this simple long exposure photography example gives you an ultimate inspiration.

long exposure

3. Waterfalls

Long exposure makes it possible for you to view things in different perception. Look at the following waterfall long exposure photos and see how it helps you in getting photography inspiration for such shots.


4. Hoghton Bottoms Weir

Hoghton Bottoms Weir

5. Just Water Falls

long exposure

6. Sautadet Falls

Sautadet Falls

7. Scream

long exposure photography

8. Manhattan Sunset

Check this photo, how originally it portrays the picture of a sunset. No moving objects, it is a still photography.

long exposure

9. Star Trails

Star trails are created because of the rotation of earth during long exposure. Get excellent inspiration with the following star trails photos.

star long exposure

10. Bodiam Castle

castle long exposure

11. Sunset

In this photo, the flowing water can be seen in still form. Another fabulous aspects of these photos is sunset view that always hold something charming yet romantic. These are the most excellent long exposure photo samples. Get fantastic ideas with it and enjoy the experience of long exposure photography.

sunset long exposure

12. Cornwallis

long exposure photography

13. Water Against Rocks

Same as above photo, this also show the flowing water over stones, but in still form. This will definitely add up an excited inspiration in your ideas related to this type of photographic art.

long exposure

14. A cool change

long exposure

15. Night

Night with low light conditions always holds special effects and charm especially for lights in traffic. Check out the following light trails that will inspire to capture such photos to add in your portfolio.

long exposure night

16. Light Trails

light trails

17. City Dock Gets The Blues

City Dock Gets The Blues

18. Venetian sunset

long exposure photography

19. Highway Lights

light trails exposure

20. Sydney by night

Sydney by night

21. London by Night

london city

22. Vancouver Day to Night

long exposure

23. Waiting

Moving vehicles including buses, cars, and trains could be captured with long exposure photography skills. See these followings samples to get ideas how it could be best to take such images and enhance your portfolio with innovative collection.

long exposure photography

 24. London scenery

london big ben

 25. Long Exposure

Lights always look stunning when we capture specifically at night. Not only the lights, the fireworks also look brilliant when captured, but it becomes difficult to capture moving lights and fireworks. To see how it will look when you capture moving lights, check following photos and get idea of having long exposure photography experience efficiently. Certainly, you will need to have some skill for such brilliant outcomes.

Several best long exposure photographers have captured these shots, you may be want to give it a try, if you do, let’s have fun!

night exposure

26. Long Exposure 1

Long Exposure 1

27. Steel Wool

light bulbs

28. Light Balls

light balls

29. Firetube

long exposure

30. Fire Works

fire works long exposure

31. Illusion

Very simple photo, but holds some special illusion effects to give it a new look. See it carefully and observe how can you create such images.

long exposure

32. Thundering

It is very skillful to capture thunder and it could be done only when you hold the long exposure photography expertise. Check the following photo example and add a fantastic idea of having such photos in your portfolio album.

night exposure photography

33. Musée du Louvre

However, this is very simple photo yet it holds something very tricky and that is the capture skill of moving clouds and their shadow on mirror.

long exposure

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