Looking for a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner?

Fingerprint biometrics is used to authenticate and identify a person. Biometrics is a person’s unique characteristics like fingerprints, iris scanning, facial contours, etc., and are used to validate and verify identity. Among all the identity verification techniques, fingerprint biometrics is the most commonly used one.

Fingerprint Biometrics: A Synopsis

Biometric technology uses unique behavioural and physical attributes that are individual and non-cloneable. The authentication is identifiable to a person and specific to an individual. No two people have the same fingerprints as they are made up of patterns such as arches, loops, valleys, whorls, and more.

How Does Fingerprint Biometric Work?

Fingerprint biometrics uses some kind of scanner to capture an image of the fingerprints. The different fingerprint scanner devices that are used to capture the image include:

Optical Scanner: A scanner that takes digital images by lighting up the fingers through a prism. Afterward, the information converts into an image.

Ultrasound Scanner: This type of scanner uses ultrasound signals to record echoes created by fingerprints. The scanner or the fingers doesn’t require to be in direct contact.

Capacitive Scanner: A kind of scanner that generates electric charge through tiny capacitors that store electric waves.

Thermal Scanner: Heat is used to measure the difference in temperature of the valleys and the ridges of the finger. Thermal iris scanner also uses the same technology.

Benefits of Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint biometrics is a highly secure method of protection when it comes to identification. You can use it for dual or multi-factor authentication that ensures the highest level of security using at least one method such as a password or token.

Some of the benefits of fingerprint biometrics are as follows:

  • Cannot be misplaced or lost
  • Hard to replicate and secure than a password
  • Cost-effective method that is easily deployable
  • Convenient mode of verification and user-friendly
  • Impossible to guess and cannot be transferred
  • Easy and simple verification technique that is easy to use
  • Ensures a high level of security for authentication and identity verification

Pick the Best Biometric Hardware

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