Master The Art Of Drawing Floor Plans With This Detailed Guide

Are you trying to draw a floor plan but don’t know where to start? Many learners quit their learning process because they find it difficult. On the surface, a floor plan is just another diagram. However, it involves all the essential details regarding a building, which is challenging to illustrate. You can make the task easier by using a feature-rich drawing application.

Let’s start with the basics; what is a floor plan? It is a detailed illustration of a building, visualizing its floors, rooms, windows, doors, walls, and all the other moveable elements. A floor plan is a scalable diagram that presents the layout of a building from above.

But the question is, how to draw a floor plan? We use different drawing applications for this task, each bringing something unique in terms of functionality. In this guide, we will work with EdrawMax, an easy-to-use application with powerful features. So, let’s see how to draw a floor plan with this tool!

How To Create A Floor Plan From Scratch?

We recommend starting your floor plan journey with a simple and small-scale one. You can draw a diagram containing the essential elements of a floor or room. But first, you will need to install the EdrawMax application on your desktop or opt for its web version. Either way, you must log in with a social or Wondershare account.

Once you are signed in, here’s how to create a floor plan:

  1. Click the + icon next to New from the left menu bar, and select Floor Plan from the expanded menu.


2. A blank canvas will open. Now, head to the left toolbar, and pick some outer walls from the Wall Shell and Structure section. Drop these walls on the artboard and create a relationship between them.


  1. Next, place inner walls in the structure to separate rooms.
  2. Expand the Doors and Windows section by clicking it. After that, drag different types of doors and windows and place them on the diagram.
  3. Lastly, breathe some life into your floor plan by placing plants, furniture, and other movable objects. Click on each component to change its individual style and color.
  4. When done, click File from the top left corner and go to Save As to save the file in different formats.

How To Create A Floor Plan With Templates?

EdrawMax offers you the ease of drawing a floor plan with editable templates. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Click Templates from the left bar, and select Floor Plan from the horizontal scrollable menu.
  1. Next, choose any option from the menu. For instance, let’s go with the Small House Floor Design for this tutorial.
  1. Click any component on the artboard to change its properties. Place new elements from the left toolbar by expanding their appropriate sections.
  2. Once the floor plan is complete, go to File and save this project on your device.

You can also go to the Export & Send option from the File menu. It will allow you to save the file in your desired format or send your project via email.

Why is EdrawMax Ultimate Floor Plan Creator?

EdrawMax has over 1500 templates to choose from, depending on your requirements. This feature improves your learning curve by providing you with the roadmap of a floor plan. But that’s not the only benefit of using EdrawMax as your floor plan creator. Here’s why it has the edge over its competitors:

Visualization to No End

EdrawMax offers endless customization for floor plan drawings. It has more than 26,000 symbols and digital assets that you can integrate into your diagrams. If you don’t see any component in the library, add it from other diagrams, like Mind Maps. The best part is that they all work on the easy drag-and-drop framework, making it convenient for beginners to grasp quickly.

Share Your Project

EdrawMax allows you to easily send your project to team members or others via email. Moreover, it empowers you to share your floor plan drawing on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It also has powerful collaboration features, like cloud synchronization and infinite canvas.

Import & Export

EdrawMax supports a wide range of file export formats, including PPT, SVG, HTML, PS, Excel, Word, PDF, and Visio. You can also import your projects to use them in your floor plans. The app supports SVG, Visio, and CAD for the import option.

Cloud Documents

Are you worried that you forgot to save your project? Well, you can access it from the Cloud Documents feature of EdrawMax. It autosaves all your projects, but you can also import files in it manually. The free version can keep up to 3 documents in the cloud, while the premium has no limits.

Why Is Floor Plan Important?

Floor plans are essential in real estate listings, so much that they have replaced images and videos. Now, most buyers prefer seeing these diagrams as they accurately define a place’s available space. People can decide if a property meets their requirements based on floor plans. If yes, buyers will consider visiting the place. That is why most modern listings include these diagrams to attract serious buyers.

Here is why floor plans are becoming increasingly important:

  1. They empower interior designers to visualize the right design, considering the layout of a building.
  2. Floor plans give the correct insights into a house, office, and commercial place.
  3. The listing with a floor plan gets a plus point as it stands out from the crowd.
  4. It includes all the details that a picture or video can not express, such as the relationship between the rooms.


If you are confused about how to draw a floor plan, start with the basics. EdrawMax has tons of templates where you can practice and sharpen your drawing skills. The app lets you pick any option, make changes, and save it in the required format. Additionally, it has an extensive collection of digital assets that help you create highly detailed floor plans.

You can start today by downloading the EdrawMax application and practicing with it. Once you feel ready, you can move to larger floor plans of commercial spaces that are even more detailed.



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