Minecraft Education Edition Programming Guide

What coding language does Minecraft Education Edition use? Minecraft Education Edition uses Java for programming, and the programming process is simple and fun, suitable for people of all ages. Once in the game, players simply press “C” on their keyboard , or if using an iPad or touch device, select the proxy icon at the top of the screen. There will be a more detailed programming guide below, which will definitely help you.

Minecraft Education Edition Programming Guide

After entering the game, we can see an NPC wearing white clothes, and we ushered in the first programming task. He told us that we can open this door by writing code.

Task 1. Click C on the keyboard. Here we drag the “open door” block to the work area according to the prompt just now, so that the gap in the work area coincides with the dragged block.

Task two, the engineer appeared, he told us to move forward three steps to use the robot. In fact, this NPC is the NPC in the original MC Bedrock Edition. Similarly, we drag the squares in the toolbox to the workspace, so that the instruction blocks can be embedded.

Then, change the “distance” to 3, and click the triangle button to execute.

Task three, talk to the researcher, he told us to make the robot move forward 4 spaces. There is also a robot assistant next to it, and we continue to write code. Fit the “code analysis” in the toolbox, drag it over and change the distance to “4”, save it and pass the level.

Mission four, find the technician at the top of the tower, talk to him, so we have to climb the ladder. Then open the code generator, and drag and drop code blocks to complete the task.

Task 5: Find the person in charge of the research, and then talk to the AI expert. Click the button according to the color displayed in the image. Since it is a green image, we click “No”.

Task six, find scientists and start writing code. Also open the generator, a prompt will appear. Where there is a fire, an alarm is required, so embed the “Alert Team” code block in the middle right.

above are all the missions after the start of Minecraft Education Edition . Finally, with the help of the players, the forest fire was successfully extinguished and one of the main missions was completed.

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Minecraft Education Edition Programming Guide helps you with your first programming assignments in the game. Players only need to drag the code blocks of the toolbox to the work area to complete the coding task. The gameplay is simple and interesting. It is very suitable for children of young age. They can expand their logical thinking through interesting coding games.

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