Nothing is Impossible – the Mantra of Bathtub Refinishing Services in Fredericksburg VA!

Take a look at your bathtub: is it yellowed by the passage of time or full of dents and scratches, as a result of long and sometimes improper use? More than that, do these marks seem impossible to remove and the bathtub to be brought back to an acceptable level? Probably, as a novice in the field, the answer would be YES and the only solution would be to purchase a new bathtub. However, highly-trained experts, such as those working for Home & Business Services, a family-owned company operating since 2013, can put things in another perspective, through their bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA.

By reading this article further, you’ll find out why “Nothing is impossible” or “The impossible just takes a little longer” can be considered the mantra of their bathtub refinishing services Fredericksburg VA. We’ve selected two reviews from their clients, which show, on the one hand, why they are extremely satisfied with the quality of their work, and, on the other hand, why you should also turn to their services if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your bathtub and don’t have the budget to replace it. Without further ado, here are the two reviews:

  • “I had my tub reglazed and I must say I didn’t think it was possible. I am 100% over the moon with my finished results and would 100% recommend them for all of your home repair & upgrade needs” (J. A.)
  • “I was so happy with the men who did the job of mounting the handicap bars in my bathtub & reglazing it. The service is well worth every penny: we called, they came, they did a very professional job & they were very polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to my family and friends” (B. C.).

In the two examples, the HBSOnTime.com workers show that, when it comes to bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA, nothing is impossible, not even restoring the confidence of those who were born with a handicap or went through an accident that left them that way. In terms of execution, they faithfully follow 7 steps, paying maximum attention to each one: prepping the workspace – removing caulk – cleaning the tub thoroughly – repairing any damage – sanding the tub – applying masking tape – applying a tub reglazing product.

Bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA, provided by experts with impeccable work ethics, have three major benefits: they are much cheaper than replacing the tub altogether (but with almost the same result – a tub that looks & feels like new), the quality of work is incredible (as we already mentioned, this process is not recommended for DIY as it’s quite meticulous), and the experts will do all the work on your behalf (you don’t have to worry about special coating mixtures, for example). In conclusion, when you’re about to lose hope that your bathtub will ever look like new again, you know who to turn to in order to prove that… nothing is impossible! Good luck!



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