Ozone Shock Treatment for Odour Removal

Are you worried about the air quality in your home or office? Are you looking for an effective way to eliminate and prevent bacteria, mould, odours, and other pollutants? If so, then an ozone shock treatment may be the perfect solution. In this blog post, we’ll explain why you need an ozone shock treatment and how it can improve the air quality in your space.

What is Ozone Shock Treatment?

Ozone Shock Treatment is the removal of unwanted odours within your home through the use of ozone gas. Ozone is beneficial in eliminating odours because it circulates throughout an entire room and breaks down the molecules that cause smells. To prepare for shock treatment, all fabric items should be removed or wrapped in plastic, including mattresses, and plants, pets and artwork should be removed or protected. The shock treatment typically lasts for a shorter period than regular treatment, making it more cost-effective. Ozone blasting treatments can target airborne allergens, pathogens, VOCs, and foul odours, which helps improve indoor air quality. An ozone generator will be placed in the room to produce ozone at levels no less than ten ppm and no more than 15 ppm, which helps to permanently break down any nicotine particles that may be causing odours.

Benefits of Ozone Shock Treatment

Ozone shock treatment offers a variety of benefits for those who choose to use it. It effectively eliminates mould, bacteria, and odours from home and reduces allergens and harmful particles in the air. It is also a great way to improve the air quality in your home and keep it fresh and clean. Ozone shock treatment can help to reduce energy costs since it can help to make your HVAC system more efficient by reducing the amount of dirt and debris that builds up in your system over time. In addition, ozone shock treatment is also known to be a powerful disinfectant, killing most germs and bacteria that may be present in your home.

How Ozone Shock Treatment Works

Ozone shock treatment generates ozone necessary to eliminate microorganisms, unpleasant smells, residual smoke, alcohol and other odours. The process begins by removing all fabric items, such as curtains, furniture and mattresses. Plants, pets, and artwork that cannot be removed should be wrapped in plastic. The ozone shock treatment must be conducted in an unoccupied space or by a professional carpet cleaning service partner like Oxy-Genie Solutions. This ensures the safety of everyone involved and prevents any damage from being done to the environment or property. Once complete, a finely tuned UV optics system produces ozone at levels no less than ten ppm and no more than 15 ppm. This ensures that the desired results are achieved without damaging any of the materials in the room. Once the desired ozone level is reached, the room can be left for some time to allow the ozone to do its job before it is safe for humans and animals to enter again.

Types of Ozone Shock Treatments

Ozone shock treatment is sometimes used in the water treatment industry to purify water, improve taste and odour, and make it safe for drinking. Similarly, it can be used in the automotive sector to eliminate car odours. Several other ozone shock treatments are available for different applications, such as removing odours, killing mould and microorganisms, and even fighting disease. These treatments can vary depending on the intensity of the ozone concentration used, the duration of the treatment, and the equipment used. It’s important to note that ozone shock treatments should only be done by a trained professional familiar with the risks and safety protocols associated with using ozone gas.

How to Set Up an Ozone Shock Treatment

Before setting up an ozone shock treatment, taking proper precautions to protect the environment is essential. This includes removing all fabric items and wrapping them in plastic, removing plants, pets, and artwork that cannot be moved, and placing an ozone generator in the room with the door closed. Additionally, one should make sure to open all the windows. When setting up an ozone shock treatment, an ozone generator is placed in the room with the door closed for a specific time. During this time, it is crucial to ensure that no one enters the room until a technician clears it. Once the treatment has been completed, your detailer will turn off the generator and remove it from the space. You can schedule ozone treatments whenever necessary if maintenance treatment is needed.

How Often Should You Do an Ozone Shock Treatment

The frequency of ozone shock treatments can vary depending on the situation. Generally, it is recommended to have ozone treatments every few months or as needed. If you have a nasty odour problem, you may need multiple treatments over a short period. It is also important to remember that ozone shock treatment is not a one-time solution and should be done regularly to keep indoor air quality at its best. Ozone shock treatments can also be combined with other air filtration or purification systems to improve indoor air quality further. For example, using an air purifier after an ozone treatment can help further reduce any lingering odours and airborne pollutants.

What to Expect After an Ozone Shock Treatment

After an ozone shock treatment, you should expect the odours that you previously had to be removed entirely. You may also notice a decrease in indicators of mould, vermin and microorganisms, which can help to improve air quality. A slight smell of ozone may present for several hours after the treatment, which is normal and should dissipate within 24 hours. It is important to remember that the ozone shock treatment process takes time to work, and you will not immediately notice the effects. However, with regular treatments, you can expect to have odour-free air in no time.

Costs of an Ozone Shock Treatment

The cost of an ozone shock treatment depends on the size of the space and the level of treatment needed. Generally, these treatments are less expensive than other methods, typically a third of the cost. The shorter period for which the dwelling is treated also helps decrease costs. Additionally, ozone is a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free, and environmentally responsible solution to odour removal; the prices are much lower than if other products were used. It’s important to note that ozone shock treatments can be very effective and should not be used as a substitute for proper cleaning and maintenance. This will help ensure that the treatment is effective and that no further costs are incurred.

Tips For Doing an Ozone Shock Treatment

When it comes to doing an ozone shock treatment, there are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always remove plants, pets, artwork and any fabric items from the area and wrap them in plastic.
  2. Consider what problem or problems you need to treat with ozone and select a suitable generator.
  3. Use the ozone generator in unoccupied spaces only.
  4. For a shock treatment, you may want to consider a high ozone concentration and longer exposure times.

These tips will help ensure that your ozone shock treatment is effective and safe.


Ozone shock treatments can be a powerful tool to help improve air quality and reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Ozone therapy effectively and safely kills bacteria, fungi, moulds, and viruses on surfaces and in the air. Although ozone can be hazardous to breathe, there are safe ways to use ozone shock treatments that do not exceed public health standards. Professional ozone shock treatments must be conducted in an appropriate treatment chamber and can be expensive. However, it is essential for those looking to improve indoor air quality.



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