Polishing pads and grinding discs

used for each type of work has been designed to suit Used Just choose to use the size of the different types of polishing pads. to match the size of the machine thus will be safe which have different characteristics together as follows I would like to give an example of a sheet size 6 4” which is the most popular size used. The equipment center, grinding machines, grinding wheels and various tools for welding work of all kinds. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to give advice and consultation to all customers.

grinding wheel

Used for grinding welds. or evenly cut metal grooves or uneven metal surfaces Made of compacted stone, about 6 mm. thick, should be used only on the front side of the plate for internal grinding.

steel cutting disc

used for cutting metal which is not very thick, made of compacted stone with a thickness of about 1 millimeter, use the thick ridge side of the sheet for cutting

diamond cutting blade

Used for cutting in masonry work. Or natural stone materials such as different types of bricks, glazed tiles, granite, marble, concrete cutting, etc. There are both dry cutting types. and use coolant Made of special hard metal around the edge of the cutting disc surrounding the hard coating. which will make it more durable

saw tooth blade

Used for cutting wooden materials or wood products such as particle board. It looks like a circular saw blade. which will have saw teeth made of sawtooth carbide steel To strengthen and sharpen the teeth

sand cloth

Made from small sheets of sandpaper. overlapping, clinging together into a round plate There are several levels of roughness and fineness of sandpaper. Used for polishing metal surfaces and real wood surfaces.

sand paper

made of sandpaper synthetic disc shape There are many levels of roughness and fineness of sand grains in Real wood surface and thin sheet metal surface. can be used for many levels

sanding disc

It is a polishing disc that is attached to the threaded rod. front part of but will be attached to the gecko pad To hold the sandpaper that has a cloth on the back to hold it together. The sanding disc has various levels of sandpaper roughness and fineness according to general sandpaper standards. It is used for sanding wood or other materials. who want smooth skin

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