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active and Most Popular Celebrity Blogs To Follow In 2017

15+ Most Popular Celebrity Blogs To Follow In 2018

Celebrities are just like us in a lot of ways. Only richer, but like us they take vacations (with their own private jets), go out shopping, explore new restaurants and even try their hand in blogging. Explore the active world of popular celebrities we have added today.

Any celebrity’s blog becomes an instant hit because of their loyal followers who are eager to bow to their every whim. Some celebrities are active bloggers, while few have hired a professional Webmaster and leave it on their PR team to manage. All of us read, stalk and fantasize about our favorite celebrities.

Celerity blogs gives us an opportunity to take a peek into their lives and brings them a bit closer to reality. Few celebrities use this platform to update their fans with their latest projects. So here is our list of popular celebrity blogs that everyone should have on their radar in 2018.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

This is one of the most famous celebrity lifestyle blogs. She started her blog in 2008, it has a fully functional e-commerce shop and lifestyle brand. If you have a big date and don’t know what to wear, or if you are planning a trip overseas and need some traveling tips, Goop has an answer to it all. It is a collection of wellness tips, finest recipes, travel guides and fashion. It is primarily centered on women’s issues and lifestyle topics. From this platform, Paltrow also shares some useful parenting tips.

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s blog website features chic lifestyle. The websites is primarily focused on blogging related to fashion. Some of the post on her website highlights the work of a dedicated editorial team as well as posts from other bloggers like fitness workouts by Tone It Up Girls. Not only does the blog offer beauty and style reports but also offers décor and DIY ideas, health and fitness advice and recommends reads.

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Jay Z

Jay Z is more than just a rapper; he is an entrepreneur, investor, and a businessman. Jay Z created his own online magazine called Life+Time, it covers topics ranging from music, arts, sports, fashion, and culture. The web-magazine has an aesthetical appeal, stunning layout, and design.

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Beyoncé Knowles Carter

Beyoncé is Bonnie to Jay Z’s Clyde. She is a singer, songwriter, mother, actress and entrepreneur. This once-private pop star first started out on Tumblr. When her fans couldn’t get enough of her, she developed it into a full blow dotcom. Her blog is simply titled as I Am Beyoncé. Despite her busy schedule, Beyoncé still finds time to update her blog. Her bog gives us a sneak peek into her daily life. She posts pictures from tours, shows and outfits.

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Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is a New York City socialite who created a huge fan base from the reality TV series ‘The City’. Every girl tries to emulate Olivia for her sense of style and fashion. She is an authority on style, which is why she has held gigs for top fashion companies like Elle magazine. Olivia is the Executive Editor and Creative Direction of Her blog offers fashion, lifestyle and travel tips. Her blog features post like “I Want What She’s Wearing” and “Snapped”.

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Zooey Deschanel

Zooey’s character in the famous TV series “New Girl” makes us all giggle. But when she is not busy shooting, she is busy blogging away on her blog “Hello Giggle”. Zooey Deschanel launched her blog in collaboration with Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi. Her blog is a very active blogging community, which aims to be a positive online community for women (even men are welcomed). She is seen posting pictures of her snuggling with dogs, her latest manicure etc. Her blog has a separate section for teens and cover topics ranging from the latest buzz to issues regarding work place.

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Jamie Chung

On her blog Jamie Chung has described herself as an actress by day and blogger by night. Jamie’s blog gives us an insight into her life and offers latest fashion styling tips. She discusses her highs and lows, talks about her favorite places to eat and her main source of inspiration. Her blog features a section called #InstantKarma, where her readers get a chance to share their stories. The chosen story is published on her blog and the lucky participant is sent a gift.

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Whitney Port

Whitney rose to fame after she was cast in the reality TV series “The Hills”. Whitney port has established herself as a designer and launched her blog through which we get insight on her daily life. Whitney is seen sharing photos of her outfits, press clipping, and music tips. From travel and city guides to fashion and beauty tips, Whitney’s blog offers it all. Along with her blog, Whitney has an e-store for her fashion-line called “Whitney Eve”.

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Shay Mitchell

Popularly known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, Shay started her blog in collaboration with her best friend Michaela Blaney. Amore and Vita mean love and life in Italian, transforms their love for fashion, cuisine, and travel into inspirational content for their huge fan following. Her blog uses the LikeToKnowIt app, which lets her followers shop Shay Mitchell’s off-screen looks. Amore and vita also collaborate with guest bloggers.

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Coco Rocha

In the mid-late 2000, Coco Rocha rose to fame as a super model. This Canadian supermodel offers both beauty and brains.  Through her blog we get an insight on her fabulous life as an international supermodel. Her blog features photos and videos of her working the runaway, her travelling the world, occasional photos of her childhood and photos of her gorgeous print advertisements. She has also used this platform to voice her opinions on the cruel nature on modeling industry where sometimes the models are asked to look anorexic.

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Ashley Madekwe

Ashley is best known for her role as Ashley Davenport in the TV series “Revenge”. In addition to her acting career, she also runs a successful blog called RingMyBell. Her effortlessly cool way of dressing is hard to ignore. She is seen posting pictures of herself on the blog, and gives fashion and styling tips. Her blog offers daily outfit inspiration.

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Meghan Markle

When she is not busy shooting for her TV series “Suits”, Meghan Markle is busy running her lifestyle blog, The Tig. Her blog is dedicated to fashion, beauty, travel and food. Her blogs also features a section called “Tig Talks” where she shares short interviews with notables like Lauren Blush, Ivanka Trump and Emmy Rossum. Her blogs also includes a shop feature where she sells beauty products, travel guidebooks, cookbooks and in-season brands like BaubleBar and Rag & Bone etc.

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Harry Shum Jr

You may remember Harry from his crazy footwork in the movie “Step Up 3D” and his role as Chang on in the TV series “Glee”. Other than his acting career, there are two more things that Harry is absolutely passionate about: fashion and latest gadgets. Through his blog, TenthandFourth that he runs in collaboration with Digital Media Management, Harry discusses latest apps, gadgets and need-to-know-things. There is a dedicated section on the blog written by him where he shares his thoughts and writes about things close to his heart.

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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens rose to fame after the release of her movie “High School Musical”. She launched her own lifestyle blog, which is as light, fun, bubbly and full of surprises as Vanessa Hudgens herself. Her blogs give us a sneak peek into her life and offer fashion and styling tips, décor and DIY ideas and health and fitness advice. Her blog has an Astrology section where Hudgens talks about how crystals can be included in our life for a better health.

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Tori Spelling

Tori is famous for her role in TV series “Beverly Hills 90210”. She started her own lifestyle blog offering tips for decorating, entertaining, fashion and family. Through her blog, she shares trends and ideas that inspire her, gives tips to develop a unique personal style and talks about relationships and parenting.

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Lucy Hale

She is well known for her role in “Pretty Little Liars”, Lucy’s blog is the best source for her fans to get to know her more. She is seen posting pictures taken on the sets of Pretty Little Liars and often features posts thanking her fans for their unconditional support. She also posts numerous hilarious memes that make her all the more adorable and would make anyone want to be best friends with her.

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We hope you find our list of most popular celebrity blogs helpful. It’s always fun to know what our favorite celeb is up to and get a sneak peek into their lives.

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