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Questions to ask an arborist to verify his qualification

Undoubtedly, you want the people doing your work to be trustworthy and reliable. And no matter whether an arborist maybe your neighborhood friend, the difference between novice and expert is more than just how efficiently they offer tree service. A professional arborist has the right equipment, documentation, and training to handle your issue without blinking an eye.

Here are some questions to ask your arborist to know about their qualification:

Are your insured and certified?

The question when you’re just starting to hire an arborist is if they are insured and certified. If the answer is no, consider it a big red flag. If a company doesn’t own liability insurance, the property owner would be liable for all injuries and damages occurring on the property. Professionals don’t do this. This is why it is suggested to hire certified Toronto arborists.

Good companies handle their people and ensure complete safety is practiced at the workplace. The best tree services keep themselves prepared for everything. Also, find out if they are certified and updated with their safety training and tree-care measures.

What is the reputation of the company?

This question may not be asked directly to an arborist, but you can ask around, check the internet, and review websites for it. Check out for consistent positive reviews and ensure that they are written on genuine review websites and forums instead of their personal website. If you notice too many negative reviews, the company is struggling, and it may not be the right option for you.

What is your experience in this sector?

If you feel you have a complicated project, then this is a significant question to put up. With tree removal being simple, when it comes to pruning and trimming, mistakes can cause extensive damage and hurt your property’s aesthetics.

Ideally, the job is to determine if the company is experienced and well-trained to offer the needed services. When you ask this question, check the years they have worked in this field and their training. Also, ensure you hire a certified arborist with updated techniques and safety protocols.

What equipment are they using?

Well, they should use the right equipment for the right job. Two major pieces of equipment used by arborists are aerial lifts and safety harnesses to safeguard an arborist who’s climbing a tree. Professionals no longer use a ladder, and aerial lifts are considered the best for trees without compromising safety norms.

Is clean-up included in your service?

Agree or not, not all companies include clean-up in their services and some additional demand money. Hence, make sure you know about it from the beginning. For example, if a company comes by for tree removal, find out if they will remove the stump.

Now that you’re aware of the questions you need to ask before getting the services of arborists, you’ve reduced your chances of making a mistake. Whether residential or commercial property, Toronto arborists take care of all tree services and maintenance needs. For more help, contact us today.

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