Real-Time Sports Broadcasting Software

Amagi LIVE is a software solution that helps sports broadcasters record and deliver high-quality streams. Its multi-platform capabilities include SD, HD, and 4K. It also allows for the insertion of promotional graphics. Most live stream orchestration tools do not include native graphics capabilities, which can add to the overall cost of operation. OTT software solutions like Muvi’s live-streaming solution also offer similar capabilities, making it a complete platform for broadcasters looking to monetize their live-streaming content.

Amagi LIVE is a cloud-based solution that dynamically spins up multiple feeds for broadcast and OTT delivery. Its multi-source ingest and multi-event live sports orchestration workflows make it easier for content owners to manage multiple live segments simultaneously. The product also offers advanced features like low-latency master control and advanced 4K UHD delivery.

Amagi LIVE’s easy-to-use web interface allows single operators to manage multiple live segments and outputs. The system is capable of global delivery and can support multiple languages and time zones. Its enhanced user interface enables operators to manage multiple streams, switch live sources, and manage ad breaks. Some of the company’s clients include NBCUniversal, Fox Networks, and Discovery.

Spiideo Play

Spiideo Play is an online platform that enables 실시간스포츠중계. It supports RTM and SRT protocols for reliable and secure broadcasting. It also allows for multiple external service destinations. Depending on the broadcasting requirements, users can use as many as five external services.

With Spiideo Play, organizations can stream live games to fans or subscribers with just a click of a button. The service offers high-quality streams of live games, enabling any organization to provide broadcast-quality streams. Customers can easily schedule games and events ahead of time and input key information. They can also share the games with fans and viewers via a dedicated game page. In addition, they can add graphical overlays and audio commentary to their broadcasts.

The platform can also automatically add pre-recorded video content to live streams. Video content can be added remotely or uploaded ahead of time. The overlay automatically cuts back to the live footage after the pre-recorded video is added.


The Cleveland-based company BoxCast has raised $20 million in Series A funding to make live streaming as simple as possible. Previously, live streaming was only possible with the help of professionals, but with the help of the BoxCast platform, anyone can broadcast sports and live events. The company has developed a number of video encoder devices, and offers a number of useful tools to help broadcasters get started, including analytics, automatic scoreboard displays, event ticketing, and more.

BoxCast offers a range of plans, starting at $79 for a one-time activation fee, which includes unlimited bandwidth. Their website is a little difficult to navigate, but the software itself is reliable and user-friendly. While they don’t offer 24/7 support, they do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Harmonic is a global leader in video delivery and virtualized cable access solutions, and is revolutionizing how media companies deliver high-quality, live and on-demand video services. With our cloud-based VOS360 live streaming cloud platform, media companies can create live and on-demand channels with a single software platform. We also help media companies monetize their content in a variety of ways.

The VOS360 platform runs on a range of public cloud platforms and is capable of delivering millions of concurrent streams and thousands of live channels and video-on-demand requests. The platform enables real-time scaling, and includes geo-redundancy and content delivery optimization for high-quality live content. It’s also equipped to handle peaks in viewership with ease.


Harmonic’s VOS360 live streaming platform leverages EyeQ, its AI/ML-based content-aware encoding technology. It also features a unified platform for monetizing live content and supporting hybrid on-premises and in-cloud delivery.



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