Reasons for the Diversity in Prices of Shade Nets in Kenya

A shade net is a lightweight knitted cloth that partially blocks sunlight to create an excellent environment for people and plants, regulates moisture, and offers protection against strong winds, pests, and diseases. It keeps the environment conducive for optimum plant growth even in hotter months. A net regulates moisture through gaps in the woven fabric.

This article will discuss aspects that an individual should carefully assess before purchasing a shade net.

Are you interested in purchasing a shade net for agricultural purposes, cooling an outdoor sitting area, or protecting the car from direct sunlight? Well, there are various factors to consider before buying one. There are many shade nets in the market, some are cheap, and some are expensive, making it difficult to choose one that efficiently and effectively satisfies your needs.

The following are some of the factors that cause the difference in prices;

Quality of the Fabric

In matters of quality, we consider the price and the famous saying that cheap is always expensive. When you buy a low-quality net with a justification of it being more affordable, you may end up replacing it after a brief period.

A poor-quality shade net will tear and gets damaged easily. To ensure maximum protection throughout the season, you should invest in a good quality fabric.


If you want to reduce recurring investments in your daily life, durability is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing anything. In most situations, the most durable item is more expensive than the less durable one.

This factor also applies to shade nets. A heavier net offers maximum protection from rains, strong winds, and intense UV light, making it reliable throughout the season.

Netting Size

It is important to note that the price of a shade net increases with the net size per unit area. Also, the bigger the piece of land to be shed is, the higher the price per square meter. We examined this relationship by aggregating shade net price in Kenya data over a range of sizes of the piece of land, and we found that prices are directly proportional to the netting size.

Moreover, an increase in netting size produces a subtle rise in net worth.

Sunlight Reduction

In shade nets, we use percentages to show how much light should be blocked and how much should be allowed to pass through. The shades offering a higher shedding are more expensive than the others. Nursery stocks, cabbages, peppers, and lettuce need 50% shade, while livestock, orchids, and domestic shading need 75-80% shade. This makes a difference in prices.


On some days, a shade net will be required in each household to serve different purposes. It is necessary for farmers and luxury lovers who want a calm environment in their outdoor sitting places.

If you want to get good quality shades, you must invest sufficiently in their cost and consider the factors mentioned in this article. Also, it is essential to conduct further research to make an informed decision.

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