Rule The Food Delivery Segment Through An App Like Glovo

Today, there has been an intense penetration of applications among people. They prefer using them to satisfy every purpose. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of food delivery platforms skyrocketed considerably among users worldwide. Especially in those regions where the online meal delivery sector is yet to progress. Spain comes under those countries.

Only a few contenders of the food ordering vertical are present over there. It includes Deliveroo, Glovo, Uber Eats, and some others. But currently, there is a rush to utilize all of them. Glovo is not far behind from the rest, as it’s gradually gaining traction. Sources of 2023 say that 15 million active users were recorded annually on its solution.

It indicates terrific demand for Glovo. If you are enticed to create a similar solution for your venture, then some specifications to be implemented and social marketing strategies are mentioned that would help your enterprise center user demands.

Must Consider Features For Glovo Like App To Rule The Meal Delivery Sector

Users always concentrate on those platforms which consist of distinct attributes. So, you should select and implement unique specifications which assist them in ordering their favorite dishes efficiently without any hassles. Some of the suggestions for the same are mentioned below:

Referral Code

The users receive a referral code upon registering in a solution like Glovo. They can share that code in their groups, earn a referral bonus, and redeem it when any user who has received a code installs a platform on their device. Gearing an app with this feature is advisable, as it will help your enterprise widen its reach among users.

Shop Status

By accessing this attribute, your consumers would stay updated about the availability of a particular store enrolled within a platform. They need to upgrade their status at an exact time so that users willing to order meals from a specific eatery will know about a restaurant’s availability on a particular day, time, or in a whole week.

Payment Options

After ordering food from an app, customers can make their payments easily by choosing a payment method they are convenient with. Hence, it is suggestible for you to implement this feature, as it would improve the overall user experience of your platform like Glovo, by allowing them to settle their payments without any hassles. Furthermore, numerous organizations have now started offering such facilities in their solutions, so it’s mandatory for you to integrate various payment methods in your application to gain a competitive advantage.


Customers who have received a delivery of their meals can review the quality of food and delivery service gained, and other consumers can analyze the previous review given to eateries and delivery men before placing an order. Not just users but delivery professionals are also asked for feedback about the customer’s behavior so that admin can manage users accordingly. It indicates that this feature is useful for all the stakeholders of a solution like Glovo and will eventually lead the way to progress for your enterprise. 

Track Providers

This attribute allows customers to keep track of their order’s location. They can trace the providers associated with delivering their orders live on maps integrated inside. Along with tracking the delivery men, users are also offered an estimated time till the delivery of orders is done at their doorsteps. In short, it says that implementing this feature would significantly enhance the serviceability to users.

Thus, you should keep in mind the above-mentioned consumer-centric specifications if you are planning to get a ready-made Glovo clone app for your enterprise to survive the competition. It’s not done by implementing the features yet, but marketing also plays a major role. It should be done on social media, as most people are busy on such platforms, so you should follow the several social marketing strategies discussed in the next section.

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Social Marketing Strategies To Follow For Glovo Similar Solution

Currently, social media applications hold the maximum traffic, as most users spend most of their time staying active on them. There were 4.2 billion users found active on social media, according to the 2023 report. Hence, promoting your enterprise in front of such a large user pool will greatly impact its progress. But how to market the venture on social platforms? Here are some strategies to help you with the same stated below:

Upload Content of Your Venture

Nowadays, social media is updated with tons of information daily, and users start believing in it instantly. Hence, posting photos and videos on social applications regarding the facilities you offer through Glovo’s similar solution will attract users to utilize it. Moreover, you can also upload images of different food items and infographics of discounts/offers/deals, which would lure them to place an order from your application or take a visit to your eatery. It will likely assist you in gaining significant conversions very soon.

Use Numerous Hashtags

Embedding the customized hashtags on every post will help you in gathering a vast audience on your Glovo like platform and force the local citizens to visit a restaurant. It is an effective technique for promoting a business, as it would fetch more organic insights to your page and traffic to a solution because social media applications respond better to such content uploaded inside them.

Influencer Marketing

From the various streams of promoting an enterprise, influencer marketing seems prominent. Influencers are well-known public figures holding ample followers on their social media handles; the users get inspired immediately by their posts. So, promoting an enterprise through influencers will make your targeted audience aware of your venture, but in return, you need to pay a specific amount to them for the same.


Today, the demand for food delivery platforms is intensified among people, even in areas where its usage is less preferred. Spain belongs to such regions. There are only a few meal delivery market players, but Glovo among them gathered colossal user traffic in a short span. As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to get an application similar to Glovo developed, then consider several attributes and social marketing strategies discussed in this post. They will help you earn huge fame among people from your vicinity.



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