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The 36 Bob Movies are a collection of film and television reviews compiled over the years by the Historical Drive-In Movie Reviewer Da’ud Bob ibn Briggs Partnerswilhelmtechcrunch. These have been distilled into fourteen booklets, a couple of specialty volumes, and a CD-ROM containing 446 reviews. They are all available on the Heraldic Arts and Movie Reviews website.

As it turns out, Da’ud Bob ibn isn’t the only historian to write movie reviews. Several other movie buffs, including Herb Herbowski, Joe Bob Briggs, and George Lucas have also made the cut. Theirs are a lot more interesting, and a bit more up-to-date. This is due to the declining market for movie reviews. In addition to the standard schtum, Da’ud also writes about a few of the best and worst of the best. It’s always a fun challenge to find out what the movie critics consider the best. If you’re looking for a fun, informative, and genuinely entertaining read, you’ll want to check out this selection.

While you’re at it, make sure to check out the many other dazzlers. There’s a ton of other movies, documentaries, and TV shows to choose from. From the animated series Bob’s Burgers to the TV shows of the 1970s, you can pick a few to watch while you’re at it. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or a spooky mystery, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. You can even pick up a few movies you might not have seen in the past. Just be sure to make a reservation, or you’ll be stuck waiting for a seat.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it includes the aforementioned dazzlers, and the better ones. One of the most impressive is the “Clerks” trilogy, which began with Clerks starring Jason Mewes, and continued with Clerks II and Clerks III. With its clever title, stellar production values, and a whacky cast, it’s the kind of movie you’d want to watch at least once. Plus, you’ll be treated to some of the best jokes in cinema history.

A few other lesser known entries on the list include the “City of Angels” (starring William Holden) and the “The Secret of NIMH” (starring Tom Cruise). Also worth checking out are the “Jay and Silent Bob” series and the “Teen Titans” franchise. But the most impressive entry is the “Little Mermaid” starring Lindsay Lohan, which is a lot of laughs rolled into one. Although not the most sexiest movie you’ll ever see, it’s certainly a must-see.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which among these movies is the right one for you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to put these titles to work and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. That’s the most important thing, after all.




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