Get enough sleep, they say everywhere. But what if life does not cooperate – for example, because work or the baby calls for you at night? Or you are just too excited for your next round Bitcoin Casino.

Maybe it is the baby who wants to be fed in the middle of the night. Or the alarm clock rings for the early shift. There are many reasons why people don’t get enough sleep. And in some phases, they are difficult to turn off.

But how do you get through the week if you just cannot get enough sleep?

Is a lack of sleep detrimental to your health?

Breastfeeding for mothers, shift work, these are all situations in life that have nothing to do with healthy sleep-wake behavior.

Nevertheless: In the long run little sleep is harmful to health, however, only if it concerns periods of more than five years. Then, for example, the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system or diabetes increases.


However, sleep deprivation can be dangerous – for example, if you are overtired while driving or operating machinery. That is why you should keep a close eye on yourself before engaging in risky activities. And if in doubt, it is better not to do them.

Sleep is a “service for the organism. If it is missing, this can trigger similar symptoms as alcohol consumption. We are less able to concentrate and react quickly. Many people are also psychologically less balanced and more easily irritated.


Strategy 1: Relax thanks to naps

So in phases with little sleep, it’s a good idea to shift down a gear, if that’s possible. And take short naps to counteract acute fatigue. Five, ten, maybe even 15 minutes are enough to feel refreshed for three to four hours afterwards. You don’t need a sofa for this: even sitting down, the short nap can work.

For straight young parents, the nap is to be put back calmly also at times other things: !Do not quickly clean the apartment or still put away a washing machine, but then, when the child falls asleep, lie down briefly to sleep! 

Even if you almost close your eyes, you should not forget to set an alarm clock. Because the nap should not be longer than 30 to 40 minutes in between. And it’s better to take it before 5 p.m., when you want to go back to bed in the evening. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will be harder to fall asleep. And the lack of sleep will increase.

If it is difficult to really doze off in the middle of the day, you should take a short break of about 20 minutes to sit down or lie down and consciously relax. This is not as restful for the brain as sleep, but it benefits the cardiovascular system.

Strategy 2: Fill up on fresh air and light

Also good against fatigue: exercise in the fresh air. You should go outside right after getting up in the morning – and without sunglasses on your nose. This is because sunlight suppresses the release of melatonin, which is considered one of the clocks for the sleep-wake rhythm. This automatically makes you more alert.

If you want to stay awake indoors, make sure you have good lighting. The brighter, the better. With artificial lighting, it should be at least an illuminance of 500 lux for this purpose.

Strategy 3: Help with caffeine

And of course, a cup of coffee can help you stay awake. However, it is not necessarily the best choice for getting fit quickly. Like all warm drinks, it makes you tired first.

The wake-up effect of caffeine only kicks in after about 30 minutes – and then lasts up to seven hours. However, neither coffee nor energy drinks are a long-term solution for combating a sleep deficit, he says.



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