Techniques for Smooth Concrete Pouring

Mixing folk mortar is very important. Because it must be used to mix cement to pour the floor in the right ratio. For general building projects Cement, sand, stone are commonly used in the ratio of 1: 2 : 4 to help strengthen the concrete floor. and gain weight very well If you are not sure about the formula for mixing the floor mortar. should consult an expert Or study the correct ratio of cement mixture on each type of cement bag. Mixing folk mortar and concrete estimating is very important.

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After preparing the area Pour the finished mortar onto the designated area. then spread evenly When the desired level is reached, the iron grate is placed on another floor. and poured concrete estimating over it one more time. in the order specified Or will use the method of reinforcing the ball before placing the reinforcing steel grating over it. Then pour the concrete all over the desired level. Using this method will further reduce the concrete pouring process. 

texture makeup

After pouring the floor mortar to the desired level already. You can adjust the surface or smooth the surface evenly. By using a shovel to hit the concrete surface. This will reduce air bubbles on the surface. It will help the skin to be more smooth. If there is greasy water on the surface of the cement floor Leave it until the water disappears before greasy. then wipe off all the water To help prevent the surface from being dusty after drying.

check for malfunction

After the concrete has been poured Should observe any abnormalities such as leaks, cracks, as well as check whether there is concrete deflection or not. in order to fix the error immediately Help prevent future damage. That can waste both time and the cost of repairing a lot.

curing concrete

After the concrete has been poured and the surface has been adjusted. It’s the concrete curing stage. by letting the concrete begin to harden and spray water to soak Then leave it for at least 7 days to help strengthen the concrete floor. This step is a very important step. If the concrete is not cured for an appropriate period of time it will cause the floor to bear less force than it should and cause cracking more easily It can also cause rust on the reinforcement more easily.

Precautions when pouring concrete

– Choose cement that is suitable for the type of work surface. To reduce the likelihood of cracking and loose cement surfaces such as rough polishing surfaces. It is advisable to use concrete with a compressive strength of 280 ksc or polished surfaces. It is advisable to use concrete with a compressive strength of 350 ksc.

– All concrete should be poured at the same time. The pouring interval should not be left too long. because it will cause the concrete to not combine tightly and not as efficient as it should be

– Should check the weather conditions before pouring concrete Should choose today that the weather is not too hot. Because if the weather is hot and windy, it may cause the concrete to harden. dry too fast

– After mixing the mortar is finished. Should be used to pour the floor completely within 2 hours because more than this will cause the cement to be less effective. It can easily break.

– Do not add water or other special substances during the mixing of the mortar. may cause the concrete to deteriorate and also resulted in a decrease in compressive strength as well.

– Never step on a concrete surface that is not yet dry and hardened is strictly prohibited. because it will cause the surface to be affected and can affect the internal concrete



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